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Post up a thread for your EV. Progress pics, description and assorted alliteration
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Post by Vanders »

I'm wondering if some of your would have some advice for me. It's a bit of an unusual vehicle.

I have a small 2 seater hovercraft that I want to convert to electric. It's currently powered by two air-cooled Solo 210 engines (one for lift and one for thrust) that produce 15hp @ 6000rpm. The engines are hard to start and extremely noisy. The engines are also exposed to the elements and both are throttle controlled.

There is a dry place under the seat to store batteries and control units.

What I'm looking for is replacements, and I'd like to go electric rather than petrol. They would need to have some degree of weather-proofness and be about the same power. If any of your members have advice on what to use I'd appreciate it.

I'll try and link in a couple of photos.


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