The Aptera is back

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Re: The Aptera is back

Post by Richo »

Damn - Gonna have to change my name now :oops:
I blame my parents :lol:

What gets me its that the Aptera was a dead product.
But someone had enough passion to bring it back :?:

I''m not too sure if upgrading to the lastest lithium batteries and putting a panel is going to stop it dying again.
Giving the metaphorical dead horse a wash and new saddle wont make it go any better :roll:

Well I guess it falls in line with out re# of everything rather than something new.
Seriously how many Rambo and terminator movies do we really need.
So the short answer is NO but the long answer is YES.
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Re: The Aptera is back

Post by T1 Terry »

If you put enough paint and spin on a dead horse it will finally get up and run for a while. Look at the flow batteries from there first proper entry into the market back in 1980 - 86 by Maria Skyllas-Kazacos at the University of NSW. It had a rebirth in the late 90's and again around 2009 and the latest is the Redflow battery that we got to look at during the AGM week in Adelaide. It has a wonderful new outer cover and coupled with a few Victron inverters modified to drain the battery completely every 4 days I think it is to strip the metal build up off the plates. Basically it is the same as the unit back in 1986 with all the down sides, but now it's been reinvented it looks like it will get off the ground this time.
I guess it really depends if the market is tuned to accept or even crave for the product, that way they only see the good and not the down side.

T1 Terry
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Re: The Aptera is back

Post by EVdownUnder »

It's been more than a year since the last post on this thread.
Things are moving for the Aptera team, and if their car is half as good as they say it will be for the price they hope it will be, I would love to be a customer.
One of those to compensate for the ridiculous excess of the Rivian R1T or R1S 8-)
From the Q&A section, they are also thinking that Australia will be on the list.
If you would like to be part of the adventure:
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Re: The Aptera is back

Post by Rusdy »

When I saw the statement "Our initial target price is between $26K - $49K", I don't think there's going to be public appetite for these things.

From what I've observed to date, expensive ultra-efficient cars are only for extremely niche market, so maybe only will sell by the thousands? i.e. only for those people that know efficiency is good, but need deep pocket to support. For the rest of average 'Joe', a 'good-ol-bicycle' will do, I naively think.

As much as we hate the Chinese, I reckon they are the most sensible one when it comes to (mass manufactured) personal transport, i.e. those el-cheapo micro EVs (and entertaining too!), eBikes, etc.

The top 0.01% will have their Cybertrucks, Rivian, Hummer EV, etc etc.
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