Rural Fast Chargers + Servicing infrastructure in Rural areas

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Rural Fast Chargers + Servicing infrastructure in Rural areas

Post by doug » Sun, 06 Oct 2019, 10:41

I am intending to attend the AGM at the EV Expo in Sydney this month.
I have an issue with the lack of charging &/or servicing availabilty in rural areas (particularly rural NSW, living in that state!)

I have spoken to Government members, both State & Fed (up!) about the need for:
-Rural public Charging & Fast Charging infrastructure (ie public car park slow charge & 24H public accessible Fast Chargers)
There is also a related issues of vehicles being parked in EV charge spots: There needs to be hefty fines for this misdemeanor!
Also anyone using a public charger should have to register a mobile phone number
(possibly by texting a number on the charger) so the vehicle owner can be contacted.
-Servicing arrangements in Rural areas: There needs to be Govt assistance to retrain & re-equip rural service entities (both car & other heavier vehicles, including Agricultural equipment, etc) to have servicing capabilities as well as free (as in open) access to servicing/maintenance information & access to assisted training to re-skill to these new technologies.
As an example, a friend who lives in Ballina must take her modern BMW to the Gold Coast for routine servicing. This also applies to my Imiev!
To fix this we need rural mechanics/technicians to be able to access tools & information to be able to maintain rural EV vehicles. Because we no longer have a viable motor manufacturing industry (except perhaps ACE & maybe a few other small manufacturers), it should be possible to legislate that the required infoprmation is available to small workshops (& perhaps enthusiasts too!).

Perhaps this could be discussed at the AGM?

regards, Doug

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Re: Rural Fast Chargers + Servicing infrastructure in Rural areas

Post by jonescg » Sun, 06 Oct 2019, 21:18

Hi Doug,
Happy to catch up with you while we're in Sydney. I think we're covering a lot of this ground nationally already, so it's mainly a case of joining those already working on it and helping the cause. Understandably difficult for the non-metro areas granted. Many of the bodes who we need to work with will be at the Expo, so it could be a very productive weekend.
In WA at least, our state government has finally decided to put a plan together for EVs, and they've sort of bundled it up into a broader climate thing. So the last 12 months of meetings has helped push the glacial rate of progress at least.
AEVA National Secretary, WA branch chair.

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Re: Rural Fast Chargers + Servicing infrastructure in Rural areas

Post by T1 Terry » Wed, 09 Oct 2019, 14:16

I know it isn't particularly fast charging, but caravan parks have 15 amp outlets. It is at least a last resort method of recharging and could be useful if over night stops were planned to use a caravan park cabin or on site van for the accommodation. Staying at a pub or motel would be another option because I'm sure they would let you plug in for a recharge if you were staying there over night or even dropped into the pub for a counter lunch. Worth a try anyway.

Looking forward to hearing what comes out of trying to organise state and federal govts to implement some sort of rural recharging facilities, the vehicle servicing thing might be another story though. Being an ex mechanic I know the limited mechanical abilities in rural areas, learned quick not to mention I was a mechanic if I stopped anywhere over night, it made it very hard to escape the next day. Plenty of mechanical workshops but no mechanics, they all left for the mines yrs ago is the usual tale.

T1 Terry
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Re: Rural Fast Chargers + Servicing infrastructure in Rural areas

Post by MrD » Thu, 10 Oct 2019, 10:21

Hi Doug - I will also be in Sydney and look forward to catching up with everyone. As Chris Jones has already mentioned, a few of us have been lobbying our State and Fed MP's regarding the "fill out" of EV charging infrastructure for NSW (map attached) . Drop me an email (work) and I will send you a copy. Regards. Chris. ... ew&id=1750
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