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Home charging an ev . MEDIA stories

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Found this from may 2019. Some good data in the storyline.

https://www.google.com/amp/s/thewest.co ... 94577z.amp
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Re: Home charging an ev . MEDIA stories

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Yeah, I work Monday to Friday and it (apparently) take 5 days to recharge my car, so my work week is 25 days long, it's handy having a DeLorean but getting the 1.21gigawatts from solar every day can be hard :roll:
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Re: Home charging an ev . MEDIA stories

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Let's see. I use 12kwh per day (according to my electricity bill)
A 6kw system (I live in a town house 6kw is the biggest that will fit on the roof) produces (on average over the whole year) 21kwh per day.
Let's say the car has a small 40kwh battery.
Let's assume I do not use power from the grid. So 12kwh for home and 9kwh for the car.
Say at 170wh/km that would be 52.9km/day.
I do average 50km/day.
So a 6kw solar system will be just enough to cover my energy needs.
So the problem is how do I charge from my solar panels at home while I am at work.
Lucky we have a grid.
If I plug at work and somehow I could get the grid to take the electricity from my solar panels at home to work then that would be great.
Then I could use the battery in the car as a home battery. My 12kwh of consumption if I used it all at night would be about 30% of the battery capacity or about an extra 70km to my daily travel.
Better still it would solve the dreaded duck curve problem. When solar is not making enough (like the tail and neck of the duck) we are at home and our car is in the garage so the energy can come from the car's battery.
Once we get to work when we are not using electricity the energy from the solar goes into charging the car's at work. So no more duck curve.
An average 4 bedroom house has about 150m2 of roof. If you covered it completely with solar panels you would have a 25kw system. So 1 average house can supply itself and another 3 flats with no roof space.

Sounds to me that electric cars are a quick solution to at least the domestic energy market.
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Re: Home charging an ev . MEDIA stories

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I only recharge at work now, because that is where my motorhomes live when I'm not travelling in them. I just plug the Prius into the motorhome and recharge that way. There is 1.6kW of solar on the motorhome roof, 5kWh or lithium batteries and a 3kW inverter, so the solar collected when the Prius isn't plugged in gets stored in the motorhome battery ready for the next days charging.

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