adaptive magnetic flux array motor

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adaptive magnetic flux array motor

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unheardofinstruments wrote: The savings on part load are from being able to use a smaller number of the available coils at full power rather than running them all at fractional power thus improving efficiency at lower torque levels

But that's the exact opposite of reality. Torque is proportional to the sum of the currents but the full power losses are dominated by resistive loss which is proportional to the sum of the currents-squared. 1^2 + 1^2 is smaller than 2^2.
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adaptive magnetic flux array motor

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perhaps I should have said power instead of torque then, nevertheless the idea is that fewer of the 32 coils firing at full power is more efficient than more firing at lesser power? I thought that was the idea in the new arrangement that was a new way of saving energy. Sort of like skipping controllers on the way around when the power demand is less but still firing in the efficient range for the magnet/coil setup.

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