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That EV grin happens on the water too!

Post up a thread for your EV. Progress pics, description and assorted alliteration
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That EV grin happens on the water too!

Post by lithbattboss »

Saturday was the first test run of the electric boat "Juana" on Sydney Harbour.
Juana is a classic sailing boat built from Tassie Huon pine.
It was out with the dirty diesel and in with the quiet, eco-friendly AC electric motor. The motor is a 48V 7.5kW Bellman/Mastervolt AC motor drive and is powered by a battery bank consisting of six packs connected in parallel of LiFeTech Energy XPS2E-048045CB (48V 45Ah). The battery packs have inbuilt BMS as well as low voltage cut off protection boards to make for trouble free use by the boat owner.
One of the boats two owners was aboard for the first test run and in no time he too was wearing the EV grin which just goes to show the EV grin happens on the water as well as on land!   Image
First test run video-
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