Dmulally's Hillman Imp

Post up a thread for your EV. Progress pics, description and assorted alliteration
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Dmulally's Hillman Imp

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Hi All

I have finished stripping out my Imp and have a blank canvas. I am still studying up on how to do it so I'll hold off the questions for now but any advice is appreciated.

I have built a couple of cars before and usually have a couple on the hop. Last year I finished a lotus 7 replica (well, built a new chassis as it was written off at the track), a lotus 23 replica with a wrx STI turbo engine in the rear and some not so interesting classics. I am not married nor have children :-)

A list of my requirements/rough sketch if somebody wants to chime in with any advice:

A reliable fun track car that will be towed around to tracks.

Using a Hillman Imp that is rear engined with a 40hp wonderful motor originally.

I have modified half shafts that can utilise the Imp transaxle or a backwards facing IRS diff.

I want the motor to be in the rear when the Imp engine fits normally.

Batteries need to be located in the front under the bonnet and easy to take out. My battery tray will be bolt in but aid in holding together the front in to make it stiffer. I have plenty of ali honeycomb panels left over to help with weight.

I need to be able to take the batteries out fairly easily to swap over at the track with minimum of fuss.

I dont need that much power. I place more emphasis on tyres and suspension rather than brute power. Upgraditis can come later :-)

I need a regen set located in a trailer with an engine powering it so I can charge one set whilst using another. An Imp engine would be good for this as they are based on the coventry climax stationary firepump engine. As to how many sets of batteries I need, that depends on a few things depending on how heavy, how expensive and how long they last on the track. I have to plan on 15 minutes usage to the hour. I dont need an hour at a time. Weight is more important that longevity.

Budget is a dirty word. A dirty, dirty word.

So that is about it really. Am happy to post up some pics when I get a chance. I am hoping to start making some purchases over the next month whilst finishing off the body work and giving it a lick of paint inside and out.

So it's kind of two projects in one but looking forward to hearing any practical advice whilst reading up on the subject.



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