100+ MPG Prius

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100+ MPG Prius

Post by a4x4kiwi »


FYI the Feb issue of Silicon Chip has an article about modifying a Prius for 100+ MPG by adding a battery pack, charger and tapping into the CAN bus.

"How to get more than 100 MPG from a Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius has been the most successful and popular hybrid car produced so far but it has one weakness - it cannot go very far on battery power alone. This article tells how a large Lithium-ion battery was added to a Prius, giving it the ability to drive much further on battery power, thereby greatly increasing fuel economy."

Silicon is just sand with attitude.

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100+ MPG Prius

Post by acmotor »

This is an exercise in stating the obvious...

Obviously the prius if fitted with a real battery pack can get plenty of MPG for the first x km driven on already charged batteries.
So !!!! this is not rocket science. Shame is it will still need to start its IC motor if loads or speed are high. (basically because the electric motor is too small)

Obviously also, this only goes to show that a plug in battery electric vehicle is a really good thing. It gets lots and lots of MPG !!!!!Image

Obviously if Toyota thinks the prius is a seller then they should try selling a plug in battery electric of even 100-200km range. (with a fraction of the complexity of the prius)
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100+ MPG Prius

Post by coulomb »

I bought this issue online (AU$8.80), thinking it would have some valuable details.

Alas, I was disappointed. A PFC40 is used as an expensive but powerful DC-DC to charge the OEM pack. The CAN bus is read by a microcontroller to read the current OEM SOC. If above 70%, the DC-DC is turned down; if below 65%, it is set high to charge the OEM pack.

There is no attempt to force pure electric mode above 50 km/hr, so this is a "blended" solution, where the ICE is needed, just less often.

There are no details of the software, what CAN packets were looked for, etc. The PHEV pack used wasn't even bought new for this project; it was a pack 2 years old with some weak cells.
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100+ MPG Prius

Post by moemoke »

I was reading the Oct-Dec 09 Renew magazine and a guy called Stan Baker had written in with some brief info on his Plug in Prius, he said there
are some engineers in the US who have managed to get a PiP upto 110kph
Link to it.

With a bit of Googling I found out what Stan has.

http://www.smh.com.au/news/environment/ ... 50496.html

http://datasearch.uts.edu.au/isf/pdfs/t ... June08.pdf

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