Huge breakthrough for EV's

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Huge breakthrough for EV's

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The following article links to a gentleman by the name of Robert Catalan and a breakthrough which should have been made decades ago.

Some of you would know that the Electromagnetic flux produced in conventional electric motors is 50 % waste , because typically only one "end" of the magnetic force is being directed to produce kinetic effect through the airgap.

Mister Catalan and his Focused magnetics addresses this issue ( my guess is by using timed opposing electromagnetic windings ) similar to Halbach arrays , except they are not permanent magnets , they are presumably switched at the right times to redirect magnetic force as a cumulative directed influence.

What this means is any electric motor including Axial Flux and radial flux can all be increased in efficiency from ~ 50 % to much closer to 95 - 98 % efficiency.
This means you get double the range from the same battery , you also get double the power from the same motor = smaller lighter motors.

** Be excited ** ... t-catalan/
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Re: Huge breakthrough for EV's

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Electric motors are *already* 90 - 95% efficient. To get above tends to require superconductors as most of the remaining losses are resistance losses rather than magnetic losses

This reads like an investment scam
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Re: Huge breakthrough for EV's

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100% efficiency in click and eyeballs though.
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Re: Huge breakthrough for EV's

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Re: Huge breakthrough for EV's

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That's a variation on Chrysler's Turbo Encabulator which I think isn't the original one that was truly superb deadpan gobbldegoop.
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Re: Huge breakthrough for EV's

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They were both brilliant video clips....
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Re: Huge breakthrough for EV's

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Loved the Chrysler dealership tech video at the end, priceless :lol:

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Re: Huge breakthrough for EV's

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I feel that the tech advances of the hybrid encabulator as explained by professor Kelly are probably more on topic ... IECMiOmarE

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Re: Huge breakthrough for EV's

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Thanks @brendon_m, I've always wondered when the Encabulator would go hybrid!
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