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Post up a thread for your EV. Progress pics, description and assorted alliteration
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brendon_m wrote: Sun, 11 Sep 2022, 10:03 If I was to do the build again that is probably the way I would go, but for now I'm just going to ignore it until I have more time, money, motivation, wife approval, garage space etc.
Major hurdle at the moment is the wife approval and space, I have a wheel limit (I'm only allowed 12 tyres on the ground from all my vehicles) and I'm currently over it.
Trying to convince her that if we get a hoist I can lift a car off the ground, removing 4 wheels from my total.
You could try taking the wheels off her car and putting it on bricks ..... let us know how that goes :lol:

Hope my wife never hears about this tyre count idea, I think I have over 50 at the moment, but they aren't all registered at the same time ......

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