A lottery on when the first one is sold ?

Volkswagen branded EVs from the VW Group
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A lottery on when the first one is sold ?

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Q1 2022 perhaps.
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Re: A lottery on when the first one is sold ?

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From the comments from VW about our government « Your are a pack of morons » (not quite in those words but that is what I read between the lines), I don’t think we will see them anytime soon. We will probably get the other VW group brands before the I.D.4

I’ll go for:

Cupra El-Born in Q3 2022
Skoda Enyaq - Q1 2023
VW I.D.4 - Q3 2023

I have more hope for the Koreans.
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Re: A lottery on when the first one is sold ?

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Hi Yes, I think you are right. The CEO of VW said that if our current govt continues to act like we are a developing rather than first world country with respect to EV policy and fuel standards, then they will continue to sell us non- first world cars.
There is some hope that the Enyaq will get here before the ID4. Overseas reviews comment that the Enyaq's overall finish is better than ID4 and it drives well. It is also a more conventional vehicle that some EVs, ie knobs and buttons rather than all touch screens, and a reasonable rather than screaming performance. Its internal space is excellent, especially with rear seats down and its turning circle is fantastic for a biggish car at 9.3 metres. Optioning up from base model gets rapidly expensive but going up to 125kW charging and a factory fitted towbar are reasonably priced. If Skoda do bring this out at a reasonable price point for the LR80 (decent real highway range) rather than 60 then they will have a very competitive winner. I'd buy one tomorrow. Faster charging is the way of the future but is not yet an option in much of rural WA.
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