First Zoe Service!

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Re: First Zoe Service!

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Hi Dave,
Just shows how out of touch I have been. Had no idea that there had been a dealership change. I got my Zoe from Sydney City Renault in Alexandria where, if I'm not mistaken, you did too. I just now looked up the Renault Australia 'Find a Dealer' web-page and discovered 2 dealerships apparently qualified to service Renault EVs: Peter Warren Renault at Warwick Farm and Col Crawford Renault at Brookvale. The one at Warwick Farm could be best for us as it is at less than 1/3 the distance than Sydney City Renault would have been. Only problem I can foresee is that they might know even less about servicing EVs than the original dealer.

You're probably correct in your inference that we did not get notified of updates because of the dealership changes. Thanks for that bit of info.
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Re: First Zoe Service!

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Hi Lou,
I sometimes play golf with a mechanic from Col Crawford (but not that branch) who knows the family and upper management and he was saying they were very keen on EVs and wanting to excel in that area. So I think they will be very willing and we will use the Brookvale dealership. A few years ago we bought a Peugeot from Peter Warren and were very happy with them. So hopefully they'll gear up well for EVs and hopefully serve you well. So there are much worse places we could have been landed with.
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Re: First Zoe Service!

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I was in Sydney last year (March 2018 - Mardi Gras weekend) and went to visit Sydney City Renault.

I’d already ordered my Zoe in Melbourne at Barry Bourke Renault but given I was there thought I’d pop in. I did not reveal that I was even from Victoria let alone that I’d already ordered a Zoe - I acted like an interested customer keen to buy.

Anyway - it was a strange experience to say the least.

They were fairly disinterested. The senior salesman gave me a printout of what the dealers had been given - not the brochure. He said that there were no Zoes available as they had all been bought up by power and water companies.

I asked what the car size was like and he pointed to a clio inside but that was locked and the receptionist had no idea how to open it.

All in all a negative experience by somewhat disinterested staff so I’m not surprised that the dealership lost the right to sell EVs - in my view they were not good brand ambassadors for Renault.

It’s funny - I was looking at the Maseratis a few doors down and they were talking test drives etc etc and I had to explain i was just happy looking!
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Re: First Zoe Service!

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My first Zoe service cost me 38€
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