Floride conversion

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Floride conversion

Post by Mawson »

Hi Everyone. My first post.
I have recently picked up a 1963 Renault Floride that has sat in a barn since 1981.
It's been stripped to every last nut and bolt and is now being rebuilt prior to making it full electric. I'll post some pictures later.
If anybody can advise me on the government paperwork I need I'd be very grateful.
I see on line that there is a W.A. form to modify a vehicle which seems to be the go. There is also a generic Australian form purely for electric cars but this seems more of a check list and I don't see that they want a copy sent to a government department any where.
Regards to all....Phil.
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Re: Floride conversion

Post by Digger11 »

Sorry, Don't know much about the paperwork - but ripper car.

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Re: Floride conversion

Post by woody »

Welcome! Awesome car.
WA seems to be different - they want you to register your intent beforehand.
Other states encourage you to talk to an engineer early on but don't care want to know until your engineer has signed off on it.
(I'm from Sydney)
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Re: Floride conversion

Post by jonescg »

Wow! (S)he's a beauty!

Yes WA has fairly easy to follow regs around car modifications. In general it's easier if the car is still licensed at the time of modification, but I don't think that's as bad as it used to be. The registration of intent is all about ensuring you don't waste your time and money installing equipment which is not fit for purpose.
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Re: Floride conversion

Post by Richo »

Wow I've never seen one of those!
I haven't heard of anyone doing a conversion and not being able to get it through using the Modify form.
If its off the road then you can submit the form a few weeks before completion.

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Re: Floride conversion

Post by Bryce »

Ditto on the Wow! - that will be a fun conversion. Will also go better than the original - which I can assure you won't be hard!!!
Being a Renault Car Club member, I at least know what they are. :-)
Do you have contacts for the Floride bits you might need? If not, I recommend Aussiefrogs forums as a good source of info for any resto tips as well as parts info too. Quite a lot of Floride owners (and restorers) there.

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