Top 5 Main Problems with Electric Cars

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Top 5 Main Problems with Electric Cars

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Hi Guys! so far, what is your main concern about the Electric car? List down your 5 top list or more. This is the future as many car enthusiast predicted.

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Re: Top 5 Main Problems with Electric Cars

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1. Much more expensive to buy than ICE cars at the moment.
2. Due to 1. likely to have insufficient range for country driving but only a problem if it is the only car in the household.
3. No decent off road options available yet.
4. Progressing fast enough that waiting for next years model (better and cheaper) always seems like a good option.
5. Not enough available second hand, contributing to 1.

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Re: Top 5 Main Problems with Electric Cars

Post by antiscab »

1. my car becoming an orphan (not likely unless you're buying a compliance car)
2. availability of competent service techs (my experience thus far has been underwhelming)
3. towing ability
4. upgradeability of the battery
5. too few people buying new electric cars meaning they're a rarity in the second hand market
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Re: Top 5 Main Problems with Electric Cars

Post by Richo »

1. Well most of the production ones are BUTT ugly.
2. Most of the good looking ones are too expensive.
3. Still range hysteria with general public.
4. Actually car shows said something about snowing in hell before driving electric...
5. Order today - wait a year and half before you get it.
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