Estima Hybrid import

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Estima Hybrid import

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Hi all,

First post. Sorry if I have this question in the wrong section.

Prius 2008 (NHW20) owners in Perth. LOVE that car (especially since we had a Mitsubishi Delica Chamonix beforehand which chewed through the fuel so we went from $100 a week to $60 every 6 weeks for the same mileage).

Anyway, we are looking at importing an Estima (Tarago) Hybrid as we have a fourth child. I bought a Nissan Cubic (7 seater) which is brilliant but a little more room for the kids/schoolbags would be good (I did put a roof-rack and pod on for the pram, so you may have spotted us SOR, we live in Thornlie)... it was originally going to be a stop-gap until the Prius V came down in price (2nd hand), but that really doesn't offer much more boot space etc itself than the Cubic.

Only the <=2005 models are allowed to be imported though, and they use the Gen 2 Hybrid battery setup (same as NHW10 Prius).

1. How reliable are these batteries (the NHW20 is super reliable)? I wouldn't want to buy one and then have to fix the hybrid battery a year later.
2. If the battery did need to be refurbished/replaced, is there anywhere in Perth who could do it?
3. Power Jockey.... worth it, or just a con? ... -extender/

If we do import the Hybrid, I'll be using j-spec (Brad) as he has a great rep and will always check the cars for rust, warning lights (e.g. the Turtle) etc. ... =no&trans=

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