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Re: CCS 1 BMW i3's

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I bought the above but it failed to handshake at at least 3 chargefox stations

The suggestion by one of the previous buyer was to plug the adaptor to the car first , then connect the ccs2 cable from the station to the adaptor , once amber light shown , then proceed to the app to click start charging

But still no go, after click start the station detected finished charging
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Re: CCS 1 BMW i3's

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Coho wrote: Sat, 11 May 2019, 09:52 The KLE won't support the extra two phases. I've just completed the operation and it's all working great!! I've tried the tesla charger and it won't charge as expected. But I can use the DC fast chargers and any type 2 connector now without adapters which makes me happy. Not a DIY job unless you have an electrical background/ Computer programming as it involves some coding on the car too.
I am stuck with the coding of CCS2 port. Can you kindly send the required coding steps?
Many thanks!
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