I3 battery recovery process (60Ah Bev)

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I3 battery recovery process (60Ah Bev)

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I have had some success using tips from the UK BMW i3 group.

The i3 is designed to be charged to 100%, not 80%, as for leaf and TSLA. My range was stuck between about 100-115 km.

I fully charged to 100%, and then locked the vehicle, and left it in “deep sleep”. It is designed to quietly and very slowly cell-balance, using an onboard “ceramic device”. I went through this cycle several times, over a week. Today, I have 133-135 km.
I today used it all, twice, on a return trip from Pambula to Bombala (83km), and then recharged back at home. It is promising 135km again.
I’m very impressed, if it maintains it…

Also, this morning, I “preconditioned” the vehicle before heading out. It was about 12’c overnight, and the battery apparently likes to be about 20’c. It takes up to three hours, and must be still connected to the charger. It seemed to lose less of the promised GOM km, and range was thus improved by up to 10 km (normally 5-10 km disappears as we drive up the driveway to the highway!)

I have ordered some style 427 19” wheels. Apparently my 20” wheels knock the range by up to 8%. I need every km I can get...
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