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Re: CCS 1 BMW i3's

Post by icegoffy »

I bought the above but it failed to handshake at at least 3 chargefox stations

The suggestion by one of the previous buyer was to plug the adaptor to the car first , then connect the ccs2 cable from the station to the adaptor , once amber light shown , then proceed to the app to click start charging

But still no go, after click start the station detected finished charging
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Re: CCS 1 BMW i3's

Post by Rivaldo911 »

Coho wrote: Sat, 11 May 2019, 09:52 The KLE won't support the extra two phases. I've just completed the operation and it's all working great!! I've tried the tesla charger and it won't charge as expected. But I can use the DC fast chargers and any type 2 connector now without adapters which makes me happy. Not a DIY job unless you have an electrical background/ Computer programming as it involves some coding on the car too.
I am stuck with the coding of CCS2 port. Can you kindly send the required coding steps?
Many thanks!
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Re: CCS 1 BMW i3's

Post by Marich »

This is the letter I sent the BMW Australia CEO in September 2019.

Vikram Pawah, CEO

BMW Australia

783 Springvale Road Mulgrave

VIC 3170 Australia

Dear Mr Pawah

In September 2017 I purchased a BMW i3 (94 Ah battery only). My wife and I love the car and the driving experience and have been promoting the car.

Because we don't have a charger at home, we charge at places outside - for example, the University of Queensland in St Lucia, which has a 50 kW charger. We are now well known at the campus because of our frequent recharging there. However, recently the University charger changed from type 1 to type 2, so we are unable to use it, as our i3 is a 2016 model with a type 1 port. As a result I researched different options to deal with this change. I read that in New Zealand, BMW i3 customers with a Type 1 CCS plug were proactively contacted directly by BMW “as part of a vehicle upgrade programme”. ... to-change/

While I hadn’t been contacted by BMW Australia for the same issue, given our prior good experience with BMW and given the BMW is not that old, I contacted BMW Australia via the "" account to inform them and find out how BMW could help me with this change.

I was disappointed with BMW’s response in August where I was told

The satisfaction of BMW owners concerning services provided by our organization and there [sic] BMW vehicles is of great importance to us. Therefore, we are naturally disappointed to learn that you have experienced some concerns with your BMW vehicle. With regards to the concerns you have faced with your BMW vehicle, please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this has caused you.

With regards to Australian standards, the recommendation of Type 2 was only formalised on 18/09/2017 by Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries. Following this recommendation, BMW Group Australia made the change from Type 1 to Type 2 from 12/2017 production straight away to ensure BMW Group Australia do not bring any more vehicles into the market with Type 1 plug. ... ication/99

Regrettably BMW Group Australia are not offering free-of-charge upgrades to vehicles fitted with type 1 changing capabilities as BMW New Zealand may be in their own independently managed market and we are unable to comment on different market. [sic]

This response was a surprise to me and seems at odds with what I and others I have spoken to would expect from BMW, who have told me previously that customer satisfaction is of great importance. It certainly seems contradict former CEO Marc Werner's public advocacy for the federal government to support electric vehicles (e.g. "Coalition has no EV policy”, February 2018). BMW is an FCAI member company and clearly knew about the recommendation long before it was formalised. The number of vehicles to be “upgraded” in Australia is very small due to the slow uptake of EVs in Australia and this is in BMW’s favour. Your competitor Tesla offers all sorts of excellent service and customer upgrades are often offered for free.

I would like to remain a great ambassador for the BMW experience. However, the response from BMW at this stage is not satisfactory. If BMW are truly disappointed with my experience then, in this circumstance I would expect more than an “apology”. I would expect, at the very least, BMW to offer an at-cost upgrade on the charging port. I have escalated this important issue for your direct response. I expect many current and potential future BMW customers are interested in your response on this matter. Could you please advise me in the earliest instance how you can resolve my issue satisfactorily?

Response from CEO
The satisfaction of BMW owners concerning both products and services provided by our organisation is of great importance to us. Therefore we are naturally disappointed to learn that you have experienced a concern with the Type 1 to Type 2 Charger conversion with your i3. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you.

While we acknowledge and appreciate your concerns, please be advised your 2016 built i3 when produced was very much suitable for the then infrastructure that existed and there are still locations in Queensland where you can still charge your vehicle using the Type 1 charger. One of the website to find the location is The decision to upgrade the existing infrastructure was taken by the government which we have no control of and so BMW Group Australia cannot be held liable for the current advanced charging methods available which unfortunately you are unable to use.

Also New Zealand is a separate market with its own rules and regulations. Decision to retrofit the type 1 to type 2 charger conversion free of cost was taken by BMW New Zealand which is a separate entity independently managing the New Zealand market as opposed to BMW Group Australia which only focusses on the Australian Market and has no obligation to follow a process being carried out in a different country / market.

Having said the above, as a genuine offer of manufacturer support, BMW Group Australia are willing to offer 30% Parts and Labour support towards the Type 1 to Type 2 conversion on your i3 should you choose to have the conversion work carried out at an authorised BMW dealership. The offer is open for acceptance until 17 December 2019. After this period, our offer of manufacturer support to you may no longer be valid. Should you choose to accept our offer, please respond via email with your preferred BMW Dealership and we will facilitate through that Dealership.
I just bought a Setec cable. It's worked fine since then. For the para about NZ - I was writing English, and they wrote back in Corporate Speak. There was no attempt to engage with what I actually wrote. Similar things happen with politicians ("Politician Speak") or American Exceptionalism etc.

Bring on competition.
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Re: CCS 1 BMW i3's

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I'm not sure it would even work without some software running in the adapter. The two systems communicate on different protocols, CHADeMo uses CAN while CCS uses PLC that communicate with the car to tell it how to charge. I would speculate that the onboard charger on the i3 would need to know how to operate using CAN. tutuapp routing numbers
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Re: CCS 1 BMW i3's

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paulritik_09 wrote: Wed, 16 Jun 2021, 02:12 I'm not sure it would even work without some software running in the adapter.
Yes, this would take extra space, it might need its own power source, and it might need a way of updating firmware. All these things would make it bulky , awkward, and expensive.
I would speculate that the onboard charger on the i3 would need to know how to operate using CAN.
As long as there is adequate electronics in the adapter, I think there should be no need for this. I imagine that the adapter would translate messages on the fly. That's my guess without knowing much about the details.
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Re: CCS 1 BMW i3's

Post by lopezjm2001 »

Rivaldo911 wrote: Fri, 25 Dec 2020, 15:56 I am stuck with the coding of CCS2 port. Can you kindly send the required coding steps.
Many thanks!
Here is a picture of the coding required to code the LIM ECU. You can google on how to use E-sys. I am now doing this conversion on facebook
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