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MPPSolar (or equivalent) recommendation

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MPPSolar (or equivalent) recommendation

Post by Jasperator »

Good day All,
I have a project which is basically supplementing generator power with a battery (and solar) backed inverter.
The MPP Solar MPI 5K looks like the best unit, but to allow us to go three phase if required I am also considering the V2-5048.
The community here appears to have the most experience with a wide range of MPPSolar (and equivalent) devices so I am looking for your recommendation as to the most suitable unit.

An MPPSolar sales rep told me that the MPI 5K can produce up to 7kW of output and surge to 14kW. Looking at the manual this appears to be using the 'grid relay'.
Do any of you know what the 'grid relay' is and whether it works as expected? (Is this connecting the AC input with the AC output via a relay to the load such that there is essentially the grid feed inverter and the output inverter in parallel?)
Does anyone have any experience with the surge power output claims?

Does this mode apply to the V2-5048? Does anyone have experience with it's surge output power?

And... Lithium cells,
Has anyone experience using the MPPSolar with LiFePO4 cells?
Is the serial protocol for the MPI 5K known?
I am assuming the supported lithium power pack interface simply sets control current etc. does anyone know?
Does the MPI 5K have a native constant current charge mode selectable via serial?

Has anyone been able to modify the MPI 5K to do linked 3-phase?

Any other thoughts/experience?


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Re: MPPSolar (or equivalent) recommendation

Post by antiscab »

If it really does support pylontech batteries, then you could use a BMS that uses the same communication standard

Orion and Zeva come to mind, there are no doubt others
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