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JFY JSI-2000 inverter failures

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JFY JSI-2000 inverter failures

Post by antiscab »

posting here, because notes online are google searchable and much less likely to go missing than if I put them on my laptop somewhere

I have a JSI-2000 that reported a failed output relay.
JFY accepted my warranty claim and then fell off the face of the earth (though this happened right before chinese new year, so they may have had other issues)

I wound up buying a second hand JSI-2000 (with a heat damaged screen) off gumtree so I could do a straight swap.
Swapped the units over, new unit powers up, all is green. Brilliant.
Check energy output a few days later, and the inverter has exported nothing at all. Check DC current draw from the array with a clamp meter.....0A :(
So the second hand unit has failed errors :(

Sigh ..... I cracked open the old inverter today:
IMAG1473.jpg (733.6 KiB) Viewed 137 times
nothing obviously damaged, continuity check on relays show they're in the off position with good isolation
I temp wire the inverter back to the panels and grid to see whether the relays are pulling in.
Unit powers up, and *starts exporting*

I *think* one of the relays may have stuck on (or off) and me heaving the inverter off the wall may have involved a bit of a thud, which may have caused the stuck relay to release

ah well, I have an extra unit for spare parts now.
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Re: JFY JSI-2000 inverter failures

Post by coulomb »

I hope that's an earth leakage detector near the top right of your photo. Otherwise, I'm not seeing how that sensor makes any sense, if you see my sense.
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