PIP inverter setting

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Roman khan
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PIP inverter setting

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Please explain battery equilization,equilization time,equilization time out and what should be their values in setting 30 to 36 for tubular and flooded batteries.
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Re: PIP inverter setting

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Thanks for posting that, I often wondered what all the other settings were for after 29 because I couldn't seem to find any mention of them in the manual. Luckily they aren't part of the charging regime for lithium batteries so it didn't matter, but at least I know that 30 should be set at Eds so those functions are turned off
As far as setting an equalise charge for flooded cells, I seem to remember 32v for a 24v battery and 64v for a 48v system.
For an equalise to be performed automatically
30 set to EEn
31 set to either 32v or 64v depending on battery pack voltage
33 set to how ever long the battery manufacturer recommends for an equalise charge, but I'd guess 1 hr as a minimum to get all the cells to the same state of charge.
34 is for the time the solar or generator can't get the voltage high enough or hold it for the time set by setting 33. This way the charging cycle isn't stuck in an equalise mode indefinitely. Default is 2 hrs but you can set that for longer if you want, it will time out after the sun goes down or the generator turns off anyway.
35 is to set how often you want to equalise the battery pack, once a mths or every 2 mths etc. Generally a lot of equipment must be turned off during an equalise because the system voltage will be too high, so that needs to be marked on the calendar.
36 is if you want to manually turn the equalise function on and off rather than it occurring automatically. 35 would be set to 0 and 36 used to turn the equalise on, it would turn off automatically at the end of the time set in 33 or 34.

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