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Re: PIP-5048MK inverter

Post by nasko73 » Tue, 26 Nov 2019, 00:29

vitecekmatrka wrote:
Mon, 25 Nov 2019, 03:19
Im running two parallel PIP 5048MK in one fase. is there a possibility to switch the slave inverter into some sleep mode? some power sawing, and for example in case of higher load higher then 4000 W then it will wake up? then if load is lower then 3500 it automatically jump to energy safe mode?
Hello from Bulgaria
I think to buy 2 parrallell PIP5048MK to change my old inverters.

Did PIP5048MK will support grid assist when work in parrallell?


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Re: PIP-5048MK inverter

Post by coulomb » Tue, 26 Nov 2019, 06:46

nasko73 wrote:
Tue, 26 Nov 2019, 00:29
Hello from Bulgaria
Welcome to the forum!
I think to buy 2 parrallell PIP5048MK to change my old inverters.
Did PIP5048MK will support grid assist when work in parrallell?
Two PIP-5048MKs in parallel will operate much like a single PIP-5048MK, but with a higher power limit.

I assume you will connect both units to the grid via their AC-in terminals.

Whether these models will "blend" power from the grid with PV power isn't clear to me. In Line mode, the manual says "The unit will provide output power from the mains . It will
also charge the battery at line mode." It doesn't mentione PV power going to the load. However, one of the diagrams shows PV power going to the battery and also to the load.

Can other PIP-5048MK / Axpert King users confirm that blending of grid and PV power takes place under the appropriate settings?
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Re: PIP-5048MK inverter

Post by nasko73 » Thu, 28 Nov 2019, 01:55

From MPP Solar confirm me that inverter will use PV and grid power in same time to power loads

Can somewhone which really use PIP 5048 MK .also confirm me this ?


BR .
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Re: PIP-5048MK inverter

Post by XtractorFan » Fri, 29 Nov 2019, 06:06

When the PIP-5048MK is running in 'Line' mode, the battery an 'energy pool' so to speak, the DC>AC inverter is always running to supply AC to the load.
Grid and Solar power flow into the battery (or not if it's fully charged) - power flows from the battery to supply the load.

If the Solar input is insufficient, the Grid supplies more power to the battery/load.
You can set limits to the 'mix' of Solar/Grid input power.

I run mine in 'ECO' mode during the day (Bypass relay operating) this reduces the losses caused by the DC>AC conversion and either source of input power goes to charge the battery.
At night I run in Battery' mode to use the stored power at night.

Seems to work for me ;)

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Re: PIP-5048MK inverter

Post by affer » Mon, 02 Dec 2019, 00:19

Xtractor: are you manually changing to ECO during the day?

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Re: PIP-5048MK inverter

Post by XtractorFan » Mon, 02 Dec 2019, 01:22

No - I use SolPipLog running on a RasPi:
EmonCMS data from SolPipLog1.jpg
EmonCMS data from SolPipLog1.jpg (91.87 KiB) Viewed 202 times
This allows me to set the operational modes on an hour by hour basis:
SolPipLogTimeSwitching1.jpg (121.43 KiB) Viewed 202 times

Many thanks to Nuno for his help :)

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Re: PIP-5048MK inverter

Post by Lee » Mon, 02 Dec 2019, 16:34

This workaround with SolPipLog looks really interesting.
Thanks for that hint, I'll give it a try.

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Re: PIP-5048MK inverter

Post by XtractorFan » Thu, 05 Dec 2019, 19:51

I must have missed an email notification for this topic in early November, so didn't get any updates - until I logged back in this week - ho hum...

Many thanks to coulomb, weber and others who have done the work on Beta Version of Patched Firmware 71.80d for PIP-5048MK/Axpert King 5K viewtopic.php?f=64&t=5955&start=125#p76178

What follows is a belated update on my previous pst viewtopic.php?f=64&t=5955&start=75#p74386 it's a bit long-winded I'm afraid...

Despite getting no practical support from MppSolar for my 'obsolete' PIP-5048MK, I decided not to give up.
So I kept emailing them with my issues, requesting a firmware update so I could use a PylonTech battery and it's BMS - even though I hadn't yet purchased one ;)

Eventually, near the end of July I got a reply:
'Regarding to the BMS, we will consult with our engineer whether this unit can be upgraded the BMS function through this way'
A few more weeks passed and many more email prompts produced:
'Regarding to the BMS problem, the unit needs to be replaced a new control board for Pylontech battery. We need special order this card. The lead time is 4-5 weeks approximately. Are you willing to wait? The control board is 25usd/pc'
Progress! - I was skeptical, but on 8th August I placed the order, paid by PayPal - which came to $60, with $30 shipping and $5 for a BMS cable.

So I waited the 5 weeks but didn't get any shipping notification, so reverted to my weeky emails requesting updates. These produced NADA.

Then I remembered I'd paid via eBay so on 1st October I filed an 'Item not received' case - bingo! immediately I got a reply:
'Hello Sir Sorry to the late shipping. We will ship the two items this week. Please assist us to close this dispute. Thanks for your help and patience'
I replied with 'I will only close this dispute when I receive the items I have paid you for' and the next day came:
'Hello Sir We already ship the two items today. When you receive the package, please close to the dispute. Thank you
The shipment arrived 5 days later, so I closed the case - sure enough, it was a new control board along with 2(?) BMS cables.

It took me a few weeks to make time to attempt the control board change - life gets in the way sometimes....
This isn't a 5 minute job, so many screws! - but opening up shows:
PIP MK internal1sml.jpg
PIP MK internal1sml.jpg (552.22 KiB) Viewed 113 times
PIP MK internal2sml.jpg
PIP MK internal2sml.jpg (481.49 KiB) Viewed 113 times
PIP MK internal3sml.jpg
PIP MK internal3sml.jpg (436.62 KiB) Viewed 113 times
It's secured by just 2 screws at the back (but use a magnetic screwdriver, if you drop one it falls into the guts) and copious amounts of glue on the cables/connectors.
Once removed, I thought it looked familiar and a side by side comparison with the new board showed they were identical - apart from pcb date codes, check for yourself:
ControlBoardComparisonsml.jpg (583.8 KiB) Viewed 113 times
Even the Microcontroller is the same:
MicroControllersml.jpg (151.09 KiB) Viewed 113 times
As I said before, I was skeptical, previously I'd examined the removable control panel - to check out what the on/off switch did.
Turns out to be just a sp n/o contact via twisted pair 7/8 of the cable to/from the main board:
PIP Control Panel Cct Diag1_crsml.jpg
PIP Control Panel Cct Diag1_crsml.jpg (64.13 KiB) Viewed 113 times
I was going to use a time switch and external relay to time switch ECO/Line off/on - but then I found SolPipLog.
This panel has all the BMS port components (connectors, opto's etc.) present.

After swapping the board I apprehensively fired up the PIP again and eventually, after changing from some of the default settings, all was working again :o
I checked menu 05 still had no PYL option and the firmware was 'only' 71.60 :evil:

So what was 'new' about this board? - I'd paid $60 for a firmware upgrade from 71.50 to 71.60.....

Worse - SolPipLog had 'lost' the inverter, no data was being sent to EmonCMS - because the new board had an un-programmed serial number '55355535553555', which SolPipLOg uses to ID the feed.
More emails to MppSolar 'support' produced a link to download 'AxpertSetSN' - which was useless, no way to enter/change the s/n....
Yet more emails produced new downloads: 'communication-tool'
My first attempt with this program failed - the Axpert tools are very fussy about serial port number/types etc. and the state of the PIP when you try updating firmware.
Examining the instruction pdf showed using ATE1 and the SID command to program the ID location, and using these in the SolPipLog debug window worked and the new board now had the a correct serial number - EmonCMS statred logging again.
But still no BMS support, so more emails and by early November I received a link to a 'slew' of downloads to update the firmware - whoopee!
This took a while as again it had to be low priority job, but eventually I had a go following the instructions, but it ended in a failure.
So I powered down the PIP completely (I have a c/o contactor (relay) on the PIP output so I can bypass it externally and an isolator on it's input) both these off and ran it just off the battery.
I also used an old PC with a 'proper' serial port set as COM1.

The updating programs took a while, but eventually I had a PIP with firmware 71.86 and v2.00 of the front panel up and running - now with a PYL option in Menu 05 :)
That night I saw that the midnight-1pm (SolPipLog time switching reduced it from 1hr to 10 minutes) switch to grid was gone.

Conclusion: maybe pre-2019 MK's aren't obsolete? they CAN take the latest firmware....
You can spend a few months emailing MppSolar for a 'new' board costing $55 or have a look at the installed control board and compare it to the pics of mine.
Then take a punt at re-flashing.

Hopefully in the next week or so I will get the opportunity to re-fit the 'old' board and try flashing weber/coulombs patched firmware.
Cheers :D

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