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Paladin Solar Controller

Posted: Fri, 16 Nov 2018, 13:20
by memecode
Thinking about getting one of these:

We have 3.5kw of solar on our roof and export power on sunny days, usually more than 10kwh. The system has been online for about 6-7 months so I'm still getting familiar with what it can do.

Our hot water system is currently gas driven and costing us the same or more than the power we use. So my next optimization is to switch that to electric so we can use our excess solar to charge it.

Any recommendations for or against the paladin unit? (Just in the research stage)

As well as the hot water I would like to run a home storage battery and potentially some EV's off it down the track. (Still looking for my EV scooter unicorn: 10-15kw, upright seating position, non-tiny wheels, 70km range).

Re: Paladin Solar Controller

Posted: Tue, 20 Nov 2018, 08:43
by Rusdy
If you're going to use battery storage, then the paladin unit will be obsolete. It's much cheaper than battery though :o