AC charger with solar edge

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AC charger with solar edge

Post by linux geek »

Hi there in in the process of building a 10kWh power wall from recycled 18650 cells

Problem I have is charging them effectively as my new inverter is solaredge plus don't want to loose my UK subsidiary for solar production

My current plan is to install a pip 4048 sense when im exporting using a pi then get this to tell the 4048 to start AC charge and set the current depending on export. Then power house at night via a changeover switch.

Wondering if I'm overcomplicating things or if someone has already done something similar.

Thanks in advance


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Re: AC charger with solar edge

Post by jonescg »

What voltage are you aiming for? 48 V I assume? 14 in series and about 60 in parallel?
I suspect an inverter-charger or hybrid inverter will do what you want quite nicely.

If the inverter doesn't have a battery input then you will need an AC to DC (240 V AC to 48 V DC) charger, and a separate inverter to turn the 48 volt DC into 240 V AC for running the home.
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