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Re: PIP-5048MK inverter

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It seems your advice for fine, today i change my pannels to have 60-80VDC on PV input and work fine.
I wait my MPPPT boards replacement for my others inverters to test the parallel mode.
So many thanks paulvk and inform you when i can work in parralel mode.

hope my posts will can help another person who look only the 145 VDC max in PV input manual.

It's crasy than MPPSOLAR support never speak me about this.....
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Re: PIP-5048MK inverter

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What is the panel voltage under load ?
60 volts is too low for proper working of the MPPT charger.
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Re: PIP-5048MK inverter

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Hello everyone,

thanks to a 51 fault on my PIP4048MS ... i changed to a new 5048MK (firmware 71.97) from AXPERT.
I tried to understand how the bypass function is working between the setting 10 and 23 and i'm lost.
If you press the on/off button that doesn't do anything ... i'm lost.

What is the way of working of those 2 settings with the on/off and why i can't shut down my inverter pressing the on/off button ?

If you have an explanation (more than the user manual) i will really appreciate.
With scenario i will maybe understand a bit better.

Thanks in advance

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Re: PIP-5048MK inverter

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Rick54 wrote: Sat, 17 Jul 2021, 23:20 If you press the on/off button that doesn't do anything ... i'm lost.
As with any of the Pip or Axpert inverters, the switch is really an inverter-proper (DC-AC converter) on/off, not a total power on/off switch. Though if you have no charging sources (AC-in or solar), then after tens of seconds, it will turn off completely. Models with the 145V max solar charge controllers (like the MK/Kings) will turn back on at sunrise just to charge the battery, and off again at sunset, assuming of course that PV is connected.

So if an MK/King is in bypass mode (as opposed to line mode, for this model only), then the DC-AC converter will already be off, so turning off the switch will in fact do nothing. Eco mode and bypass mode are the same thing, at least on this model.
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Re: PIP-5048MK inverter

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Hello Coulomb,

thank you to take time for this answer.
I tried to apply what you explained to me.
I put ECO in setting 10 and ByD and i was expecting when sun is up to go back to SOLAR and Battery to provide energy to my house but ECO remain and the sun was only charging battery set.
I switch On/Off and nothing.
I Switch setting 10 to Onl or Aut (keeping setting 23 on ByD). Nothing happened. I was expecting at least the on/off button to do something regarding what you explained to me.
I m in SBU and SLB UDC.

I'm so sorry but still don't understand. And how i can say to my inverter to go ECO when no sun (during the night) to avoid 50w to run the inverter and allow him to provide energy to loads and battery during the day.


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