Kona “beep beep”?

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Kona “beep beep”?

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Had the Kona 2 days and fiddled with almost everything and every setting possible.
Now I have an incessant beep beep every 9-10 seconds when in D or R. when in motion, not stationary in gear.
It’s a higher pitched beep than any of the predictable warnings and does it in all drive modes, audio on or off!
I reset to factory on navigation etc.
Hoping not to take it in to dealer as was planning the first trip tomorrow.
Any ideas? Can’t find anything in the book.
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Re: Kona “beep beep”?

Post by Satyros »


I would look for the screen to tell you things. Often it will hint at what's missing (like extra key inside the car, or phone left on Qi charger, etc). If it's your new car, I would guess it's trying to warn you that your 'backup' key might be inside the car?
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