Lost IONIQ Keyfob

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Lost IONIQ Keyfob

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The wife lost her IONIQ keyfob, it fell off the key because of the stupid design whereby if the small release button get bumped the keyfob just slides off.
Mine has dropped off many times, but thankfully into my pocket or bag etc. I now have tape on mine to prevent this.
And whilst you can get into the car without the keyfob (the alarm goes off!) you can't start the car.

I have the number they gave me when I got the car, so do I have to contact Hynudai to get a replacement or can any lost key auto dealer supply a genuine replacement?

And the manual says only 2 registered keys per car is possible?
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Re: Lost IONIQ Keyfob

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I know dealer replacements are way more expensive. I'm sure other key programmers could do it if the have the equipment to tell the car about the new key and forget the old one without removing the key you still have.

The fob falling off has only happened to me once in a year but for some its a problem so much that someone came up with a protector on the Ioniq forums

https://www.ioniqforum.com/threads/hyun ... ble.36143/
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