charging in body corp or strata car park

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charging in body corp or strata car park

Post by HPM06 »

I live in an apartment block in Cairns that has a garage area with individual car parks.
I'm looking for a solution to bring power to the car parks of interested residence.
It needs to be a solution where the electricity comes from the body corp meter and is metered and charged to the user.
It should be a slow charge system for overnight charging.
Does anybody know of a company that provides a solution for this?
Ta Peter
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Re: charging in body corp or strata car park

Post by reecho »

Talk to Tim at Jetcharge for a solution...
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Re: charging in body corp or strata car park

Post by akadavidwebb »

Other charging solutions are available.. ... apartments
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Re: charging in body corp or strata car park

Post by E-STATION »

Charging stations located in body corporate car parks use common area power which has to be paid for.

The options are (1) install a networked charging station and connect it to a billing system like Charge Star, (2) install a non networked lockable station with a dedicated third party meter on the circuit which is connected to the building's embedded metering network and billing system and (3) install a networked charging station and manually download the CSV files for input into strata management software such as Strata Master which is used to invoice the charging station owner.

More details here:
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Re: charging in body corp or strata car park

Post by plnEV »

Without stating the obvious, wouldn't be less expensive and more likely to succeed if each EV user installed a 15AMP PP in their own garage space? My experience in getting spend through Body Corp without benefiting everyone is problematic!
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Re: charging in body corp or strata car park

Post by Mitch »

As an installer with this field I have found the best option for the moment is to connect a common access charger network with built in smart software (I prefer EO Genius) in a common car park area (I.e. 1 x 7kw charger per building).
This first install also has the communications hub and is the building block for another 30 - 60 private or shared units (1 charger per 2 bays etc). Also allows tennants to use either existing RFID room keys or application to track access and billing...

This is regularly due to the fact that there is very little in the way of available power supply from the community sub board (regularly load assess building mains to calculate max demand).

Typically body Corp runs this unit and the backbone supply of comms and pwr in car park trays and tennants pay for shortest point per connection and private charger (subject to available pwr) if they want private network.

This system allows for automated billing by third party and they provide transparent access to user and body Corp manager (metering info/kw hr etc.)

Without going deeper it’s best to use this system from the start otherwise it gets messy trying to deal with existing partial private installations (I am sorting one at the moment in a 200 unit complex, 5 buildings)

If you want more detailed, specific info and pics i can give you my work email....
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