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ex-Tesla sites (Euroa, Coffs Harbour)

Posted: Mon, 05 Mar 2018, 19:34
by Chuq
This might be one for anyone who is relatively local to these sites.

Both Euroa (half-way between Melbourne and Albury-Wodonga) and Coffs Harbour (NSW North Coast) have recently been home to a 2-bay Tesla supercharger site. Each of these were temporary.

* The Euroa site was at the Shell/Coles Express service station just north-east of the town. It was removed when the permanent 6-bay site in the township itself was installed.
* Coffs Harbour had a site at the Big Banana. It was removed when a permanent 6-bay site was installed at the Park Beach Plaza shopping centre.

So what does this tell us? We have two sites which (a) are ideally located on major highways (b) have enough electrical capacity to deliver at least 145kW and (c) have an owner/manager who is co-operative to installing a fast charger. Three major barriers to any fast charger installation!

Wouldn't it be great if these places agreed to install a 50 kW (or even 150 kW!) DC fast charger - one which was compatible with non-Teslas? Is there anyone who is local to these areas who is able to act as a contact ("EVangelist") to breach this topic with the site owners? And the more challenging part - a business or organisation (or combination) that is interested in supplying, installing, operating and maintaining DC fast chargers in these locations?

I think the Euroa location is particularly important because it is 167 km from Melbourne and 160 km to Albury. If NRMA's proposed NSW DC fast charging network extends to Albury then this single location would connect Melbourne to the rest of the NSW network (*for all current and future models of EV... I guess us old Leaf/i-MieV owners have to get used to that!)

Re: ex-Tesla sites (Euroa, Coffs Harbour)

Posted: Mon, 05 Mar 2018, 21:59
by jonescg
A ChaDeMo and Type-2 CCS charger would be a great idea!

Sounds like they wouldn't be opposed to funding part of it either...

Re: ex-Tesla sites (Euroa, Coffs Harbour)

Posted: Thu, 05 Apr 2018, 19:52
by Chuq
Just crossposted this in the Vic branch forum (specifically the Euroa site), it may get more traction there!