Albany Highway now electrified!

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Albany Highway now electrified!

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We installed a 32 amp, three phase socket in Kojonup this weekend!
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Where the hell is Kojonup? It's on the Albany Highway and is one of the two main towns to stop in as you travel into the Great Southern. Kojonup is 2.5 hours from Perth, and 1.5 hours from Albany. Meanwhile, Williams is 1.5 hours from Perth, and 2.5 hours from Albany. There is no half way town worth mentioning (no disrespect to the thriving metropolis of Arthur River) so having both towns serviced with a 22 kW AC power supply made sense.

Williams Woolshed already has three EV charging bays - two Tesla HPWCs (three phase, Type 2) and an AEVA-supplied 3-phase 32 amp 5 pin socket. Unfortunately, the way the Williams chargers are set up, they are all running somewhat under powered. 16 amps maximum on three phase is just 11 kW, so for a Model S with dual chargers or a Renault Zoe, that's a fair bit of range you're missing out on. So we're working with them to get that situation improved.

We had originally tried to get it installed at Cafe 124, but the owner of the shop failed to mention the 20 m of trenching required... He was also adamant that he didn't want to pay for anything (making that clear from the start). He did not 'get it', you might say. So we walked up the street looking for an alternative and the hardware store was a prime candidate. Plus, there was no better offer than "We'll install it for free, today only!". We made it work.

Massive thanks to Geoff at Home Hardware - he had already been researching electric cars and was particularly keen on the new Tesla Semi. The shop has 40 kW of solar on the roof, and thankfully, when it comes to chargers and EVs, he just 'got it'. He stuck around all afternoon to help us drill through the wall and get the socket installed.

Next town is Mount Barker, and a few off the beaten track. We don't mind doing installations (Ali is a licensed sparky, so we're all legit) if they are simple and quick. But trenching will cost them at least a carton...
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Re: Albany Highway now electrified!

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Well done Matt, Ali. Thanks Geoff. Williams local Council was extremely friendly when I was there last year. 240V outlet available in the Lions Park (PlugShare) near the bridge for us little EVers.
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Re: Albany Highway now electrified!

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wooo hoooo

the more charge locations the better
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