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AEVA NSW Branch Visiting Fonzarelli Workshop

Fonzarelli EV Interest Group
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AEVA NSW Branch Visiting Fonzarelli Workshop

Post by MikeD »

AEVA NSW Branch Members and Guests (the Sydney EV Crew) are invited to visit the Fonzarelli Motor Scooters workshop in Redfern. The Fonzarelli electric scooters are designed and built here in their Sydney workshop.

6:00pm - Wednesday October 17th
19 Regent Street Redfern NSW 2016

More information can be found on our Meetup site:
AEVA National & NSW Branch Treasurer

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Re: AEVA NSW Branch Visiting Fonzarelli Workshop

Post by jonescg »

Awesome! Take lots of photos for us!
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Re: AEVA NSW Branch Visiting Fonzarelli Workshop

Post by evcruiser »

Well i missed the workshop tour so today i went in and did one of my own and test rode the X1 both solo and with a pillion.
The first thing that startled me was the seat height ! I was full on tip toes. They said there was a low seat option and i noticed that above the battery was a good 100mm to the underside of the additional 100mm thick seat. The pillion had a bit of a hard time mounting as there are no rear footpegs.
With the pillion there was not the massive difference you would expect. Each of us are 80kg and it carried us with ease.
The bike is a tiny 104kg running the 11kw mode as tested. There was a programmable 13kw button for short bursts only. Top speed was 90kph which it reached solidly. 100kph is a programmable option also.
Moving from start is controlled and throttle progressive. The bike does everything as it should. Brakes are great.
Pulling into oncoming traffic from a side street the front wheel pops up as you throttle it. It pulls best from start which eases mildly as you accelerate to the top speed. I noticed a power surge for the first 1 sec upon any rapid throttle twist which settles to the consistent power available. It felt like a 125 2 stroke except with the power curve reversed.
Whilst the quiet and smoothness made the ride feel calm, the great torque causes the speedo rise deceptively fast. You then find yourself making good use of the disk brakes to make the next corner. The motor was just warm to the touch after the runs. The battery seems to be the limit in the design.
4A and 8A fast(er) chargers come with the bike as an AEVA member which provided a 5% discount. All up over $1,200au dollars in discounts. Considering its similar to the price of an electric pushbike the X1 seems great value. An AEVA quote is attached. Orders are filled till after christmas. The Fonz team seem to be working hard to be solid in this market.
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Re: AEVA NSW Branch Visiting Fonzarelli Workshop

Post by dgh853 »

Good write up evcruiser, thanks!
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