Public Education, misinformation corrected about EV basics

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Public Education, misinformation corrected about EV basics

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I follow several FaceBook sites and try and share information about BEVs. Some times I am concerned by misinformation and lack of understanding. It is not to ridicule but to be aware of the education required for the masses, as we all do not have electrical engineering degrees.

To kick off;

“Hyundai Australia Just wondering, if i decide to drive this car to travel around australia, how many extra battery pack i need to carry with me.”

BEV ( battery electric vehicle ) need recharging. Good question however, you do not put spare batteries in the boot to go long distance, the car needs to be recharged. The battery is built into the car and you plug into a power supply to recharge that built in battery. Please look at how to recharge video such as...
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Re: Public Education, misinformation corrected about EV basics

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I do a lot of correcting of EV misinformation - sadly a lot of it is politically driven rather than genuine.

More commonly I answer 'EV 101' type beginners questions through doing public talks through AEVA and writing for various publications (see FAQs and Reader Questions sections of in particular).
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