Dyson to try a leaf out of the Tesla book?

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Dyson to try a leaf out of the Tesla book?

Post by rhills »

Dyson announces it is 2 years into a plan to produce an EV by 2020.

https://www.theguardian.com/technology/ ... e_btn_link.

I'm sure there are lots of puns lurking in this one :mrgreen:
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Re: Dyson to try a leaf out of the Tesla book?

Post by Richo »

I'll give it a go - that sucks... :lol:
The proto is called the "clean-n-go" - Clean while you drive...
Hooking it up on the wall charger will be a task.
They only come in pink or purple.
I hope it has those multi-directional balls as wheels.

"Elon Musky is an EV pioneer"
Really - I was under the impression that the only thing he pioneered was buying the company off the actual pioneers.

It's up there with John Doe buying a Telsa vehicle suddenly makes him an "ev enthusiast".
And it only count as the first time around Australia in an ev only if was done in a Tesla.
Thanks for that update RAC.

Leaf :lol:

Be interesting to see what Dyson actually come up with.
Unlikely we'd see it in Australia tho.
So the short answer is NO but the long answer is YES.
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