ZE40 LG-Chem battery

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ZE40 LG-Chem battery

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Here is an interesting article about the Z.E.40 battery in terms of battery lifetime, charge and discharge rates, temperature etc.

I continue to be pleased about the conservative approach Renault took with the battery even if I do from time to time get frustrated that there is no fast DC charging on our model. But I have decided to regard ours as an "about town and occasional interstate" car rather than a go-anywhere car. I think we will end up with the Zoe continuing to be the town car and a Model 3 SR+ as the interstate cruising car. It would be nice if the SR+ had a slightly larger battery about the size of the Kona. Indeed, I would have bought a Kona as the town car if it had been around 16months ago.

1. 40kWhr is conservative with the top and bottom reserved capacity totalling about 5kWHrs
2. Charging max is only 0.5C with occasional 1C under regen which should lead to longer life. Even then 22kW is a bit above the max continuous charge rate for two E63 cells in parallel.
3. Great that it has TMS (Thermal management System). One of the reasons I bought Zoe and not Leaf.
4. Lifetime is fine. However the new Tesla battery will put all other EV batteries in the shade.
5. I hadn't previously thought about it, but if you drive at 110km/hr, then you are discharging at 0.54C and the cells are rated at 0.3C so you lose 3% of rated capacity and indeed quite a bit more if there is a headwind or you put the foot down going up hills or overtaking.

https://pushevs.com/2019/02/10/renault- ... ery-specs/

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