Model S autobahn goodness

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Model S autobahn goodness

Post by reecho »

Bjørn Nyland taking his Model S for a decent bash down the autobahn.

Watch that range meter drop...!!

And I don't care one bit. I want one.

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Model S autobahn goodness

Post by coulomb »

That link didn't work for me this morning. Try this one:

OK, doesn't work for me this morning either. Try YouTube directly, and put this into the YouTube (not browser) search bar:


Maybe it only works for me because I watched it earlier. I don't watch much on YouTube so I don't think they're limiting my viewing. Maybe it's my ISP (Telstra cable).

I had to stop part way through (started watching it a week or two ago). I was consumed my jealousy.
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Model S autobahn goodness

Post by Johny »

Funny guy. Even in a Tesla that's pretty risky driving. You rely heavily on other drivers doing the right thing. Pretty amazing stuff.
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Model S autobahn goodness

Post by T1 Terry »

I think I linked to that one on another thread. This one for the D model might explain why S models are coming on the market with very low kms on the clock.

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