Tesla on Show in Melbourne

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Tesla on Show in Melbourne

Post by Johny »

Seen on Sunday at Chadstone shopping centre by a work colleague.
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Tesla on Show in Melbourne

Post by moemoke »

Dropped in on this display a couple of weeks ago, as well has the
sig red one in the above photo they have a rolling chassis there and you
can book a test drive of one they have in the carpark.

The guys there told me that this display will be there for about 12 months and then they will move into a shop which is been build as part of an other Chadstone extension.

Although I didn't have a test drive this time as I have driven the Black one they had at the Marriot Hotel in the city, it did seem easy enough for anyone to have a drive. When I had my drive I told them several times that I could not afford one but that didn't seem to bother them. It was an awesome experience and recommend it to anyone you can get there.
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