Blade Mk 6

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Blade Mk 6

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Hi boys,

I thought I'd mention that I'm driving my white car and it's going quite well. About 7500kms now.   I drive it like an old man would (can't think why) which might help it to be good.

It's fun to not buy petrol and to just roll along down slight slopes.

I'm sure it doesn't perform at the level of the Imievs, Leafs and others, but it's an ev just the same and my thinking has become more determined than ever.

I am tempted to also look at the Outlander but I hope the next model drives even further on electric only..., and the model after that. I really hope that they have improved the ev performance of the next model. It will really tell me something if they haven't. New front be buffered. Bye
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Blade Mk 6

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Enjoy it, I'm envious.
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