I-MiEV MCU failure

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I-MiEV MCU failure

Post by philipowen »

I-MiEV MCU failure

This problem has been completely resolved under warranty so this report is just for the record.

In September 2016 my 2012 i-miev suffered a major failure, almost complete loss of power and motor warning light on.   After a minute or two rest it recovered and I was able to drive on for a kilometer but then the fault recurred. Fortunately I was very close to Paceway Mitsubishi Perth and I was able to give it another little rest then drive to Paceway and leave it with them for diagnosis and fix.

It took awhile, 6 weeks, but it was eventually all repaired under warranty with a new MCU fitted at a cost to the warranty of many thousands of dollars.   I never found out exactly what the fault was. What ever it was caused the auxiliary battery to go flat and this initially confused the diagnosis. After a couple of days of diagnosis and doing a regular service which I requested for my convenience while they had the vehicle in the workshop, they called me to say that it would be ready to go by the time I got there by train. However, the final test drive didn't go well and when I got there they told me the fault had reappeared.

Another 3 weeks of diagnosing took them to the conclusion that a new MCU was required and a further 2 weeks was then required to get warranty approval from Mitsubishi and then a week to get the MCU from somewhere in Australia and fit it.   

It took time but the end result was quite satisfactory. There was never any argument about it being covered by warranty and I felt that I was kept reasonably well informed about what was going on. When the waiting for warranty approval went on for 2 weeks I did call the Mitsubishi head office in Adelaide to query what was happening. That same day approval was given, probably nothing to do with my call but I did get a satisfactory response from the Adelaide people.

As far as I know Paceway were doing their best but struggling with a major lack of familiarity and training on the i-MiEV and an intermittant fault.
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I-MiEV MCU failure

Post by doug »

we have had a similar problem twice on our I-miev (Lismore, NSW) Ours failed in a similar fashion, soas the local dealer is not accredited, it was off to Southport QLD at Mits expense. They checked & could not find a problem, so after some time it was shipped back to us. It has actually been back to Southport twice for this problem but nff on both occasions.
I will be chasing Mitsubishi if it fails out of warranty!
We now have 60K+ Kms, & the battery is showing its age. We now get ~90Kms/charge, which is just enough to get my wife to work & home again! Will need a battery pack soon I think.

regard, Doug
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Re: I-MiEV MCU failure

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Interesting reading Doug, my car is of a similar mileage and gets the same kind of range, which is sufficient to get me to work. Cost is currently $400 a year, the cost of replacement batteries will be the gotcha, so I will be looking at all options hoping to get something at a good price and hopefully with a greater capacity. Be interested to know if you have replaced your batteries.
I-miev it in MY10 with extras!
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