i-miev advice for a non owner

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i-miev advice for a non owner

Post by carnut1100 »

All I can say is that when I bought the car I used an in.ine power meter to log all consumption for the first 4,000km or so.
Every time I plugged it in when near empty I saw above 12A, but by mid charge it was always down around 10A and when nearly full it would be a couple of amps max.

I've never used one of those power converter things, and always charged it from a 10A socket....the only issue I have had was two plugs have burned out (in around 30,000km of charging) on my 10-15A adapter cable, both times the neutral pin. They started to darken slowly with use and then I swapped them.
oh, a cheap extension cord got very hot...so was replaced with a heavy duty one, no issues.
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i-miev advice for a non owner

Post by offgridQLD »

By coincidence I had CanIon on the car earlier today and it was showing 2200W going into the battery @46% SOC, however I only had it running for 10minutes or so.
I'm still confident that its staying under 10A, otherwise Jaycar are marketing a device that allows 13A from a 10A powerpoint. "

What you have overlooked is 2200w is what the charger is outputing to the cells minus any loads from car accessory (coolant pumps ecu, contractors and other small loads that always run while charging along with the inefficiency of the charger it's self. What you want to measure is the wattage at the wall plug or Jaycar device. I think you will find it's closer to 3200w.

For example my EVSE pulls 2200w from the wall but Canion might be showing 1800w into the battery.

Regarding your 15/10A Jaycar adapter device. It was already explained previously that 10A isn't a dead fast cutoff it's a continuous rating of the breaker. So breakers have a short circuit rating and a time delayed overload rating that's essentially a thermal rating.

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i-miev advice for a non owner

Post by cr12330 »

Thank you for clearing that up, my friend who owns the i-miev is a electrician as a hobby what funny is he used his old kettle plug male going into a wall and solider a 15 amp female on the other I think and he said cost him $5 dollars to do and got the parts from Bunnings, clever.

So I took his i-miev on the open road Today, at 16 bars it said 90km fully charge but he said that it is wrong as it goes longer than that, so we had 3 passengers with the aircon on and I start pushing it for 10 minutes on the highway and got it down to 61km pretty quickly, we got up to the top speed of 133km/h on a small down high, when I went back in went down to 25km driving in the city so only driving for 30-40 minutes overall. Since I'm not use to seeing that drop so quickly but he said that is normal and if I drive about 60 or 80 km it will hold it for a while. it was like 6 or 7 bars left.

All flat roads in Darwin, is that pretty normal for it to drive like that, did try all mode B, C and D but mostly was driving it in B.

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i-miev advice for a non owner

Post by mikedufty »

It does much better at lower speeds. Taking it to 130 will see the remaining range meter drop dramatically as it calculates on the assumption you will keep driving like that. Much the same as the equivalent meter on ICE cars. If I drive to work in a traffic jam I typically arrive with more remaining range showing than when I departed.
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i-miev advice for a non owner

Post by Simon »

g4qber's jaycar 15A to 10A adaptor trips almost straight away on a 2010 iMiEV but my dads works fine all the time pulling around 13A.
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i-miev advice for a non owner

Post by g4qber »

I have since got one of the non spec jaycar units
But haven't been able to source another.

2010 Imiev draws 13 amps
2011+ draw 10 amps with evse that comes with car
I have clipper creek 15 amp evse which provides 13 amps
Also have volt 10 amp evse which delivers 10 amps
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