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*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Mon, 07 Oct 2013, 20:43
by carnut1100
So excited I can hardly control it....
Was chatting to the Hobart Mitsi dealer a few weeks back about iMiev and he mentioned there was a 2010 sitting in the spare Parts department that belonged to Head put of curiosity I asked how much it was worth...
Well The dealer rang up and it seems head office had forgotten it was there....its been there for a year it's not one of the lease cars it's a demo.
So....I can have it for a good price if I say yes this week, and I have been approved for the finance!!!!

Now it's time to convince the troops at home that it's a good idea and if all goes to plan I could be rocking an iMiev next week.......

If it all falls over then it's being shipped to Melbourne and going in the auction.

Repayments are $30/week more Than my current petrol bill....

*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Tue, 08 Oct 2013, 03:42
by carnut1100
Awesome opportunity but big commitment...

*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Tue, 08 Oct 2013, 04:53
by Shirker

*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Tue, 08 Oct 2013, 05:22
by acmotor
If it comes with the balance of 5 year warranty then if there was any issue it would get sorted.
So, other than that, go for it. They are an amazing bit of technology !
Don't let it slip through your fingers. The way things are heading with EVs it may be a fair while before such a bargain is available at your doorstep again ! Hopefully deal is less than $18,000 drive away ?

Just make certain you are ready for more like 100km range. The 150km advertised is slow optimistic driving. Having said that, I'm just on 40,000km in 13 months and loving it ! Saved a fortune on fuel ! No, wait, haven't used any ! Image

*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Tue, 08 Oct 2013, 08:35
by carnut1100
$19,500 drive away.

*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Tue, 08 Oct 2013, 08:38
by carnut1100
My commute is 10 km each way and I'm roughly 40k from the big smoke so range anxiety I ain't got....
Also dealer said I can charge there for free and there is a powerpoint at work if I know I'm gonna push range...

*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Tue, 08 Oct 2013, 14:11
by Johny
Don't forget saving on service etc.
Brake pads and re-machined rotors a thing of the past.
Go for it!

*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Tue, 08 Oct 2013, 16:29
by acmotor
OK, just pushing on the deal. $19,500 is a give away price for the technology. It would cost twice that to do a reasonable conversion and you will be on the road.

How many km ?
Does it get balance of 5 year warranty (includes battery) ?
Will the balance of 10 year mitsu warranty on drive train apply ?
(should do if dealer sale) but get it in writing.
Does it have NAV unit ? You can buy these aftermarket for $500 + new facia $300 if not.
What colour ?
Does it have a wrap poster ?

Exciting...... grab it !


*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Tue, 08 Oct 2013, 17:15
by offgridQLD
With all the discounting and run out - new old stock, lease and ex demo Imievs that have come up for grabs over the past few months. It can be a bit of a shambles trying to gauge the price.

Forget about the list price of $48,800 for now as a 2013 model isn't happening in AU . Mitsubishi will only import you one on a one by one basis. So god knows what you will pay for that most likely the list price if your that keen.

Lets talk about what is on offer now.

My view (correct me if I am wrong) Is there is roughly two generations of Imiev you will come across in AU. The 2009 - 2010 and then the 2011 - 2012. The differences are small and few but there some. One is most of the earlier Imiev didn't have the fast charge option though it might have been a optional thing.

The 2010 models with low km have been advertised for around $18,000 online. Usualy with less than 10,000km on the clock though some have had 5000km or a lot less. This mileage variation usually isn't reflected in the asking price.

A lot of the 2011 and 2012 models being sold are ex demo. The advertised price for the ex demo models is all over the place from $35,000 to $24,990. Most of them have very low km usually under 500km though some have as low as 10km on the clock. Again the variation in the km isn't reflected in the asking price.

Then there is the new stock (well its sold as new but its 2012 stock) Again the advertised asking price is all over the place. Though you should be able to drive away for under $26,000. mileage should be 0km but no new car ever is I think mine had 7km on the clock.

Personally I think some of the ex demo units there is one for sale now for 24,990 with 15km on the clock (that's only 8km more than my new Imiev had) below. ... =6&sdmvc=1

Or if a ex demo doesn't have the same warranty benefits as new then finding one selling new and haggling them for a $25,000 drive away price is the best value.

Though in the end its up to the individual. We are tanking a $7,000 price difference between a 2nd hand 2010 and a new yet 2012 plated Imiev. Some of that 7k might be gained in new car warranty piece of mind and some in additional features like the fast charging options.

I guess all battery's have a calender life as well as cycle life. So perhaps a 2010 with very low km sounds ok but it could have spent most of its time sitting there fully charged (a lot of people have old school lead acid thinking and think they need to keep lithium topped up all the time's detrimental to sit there fully charged for long periods) Perhaps parked in the sun or hot storage shed for 3 1/2 years with a battery they keep topping up to keep it fully charged (both not good things for lithium battery longevity). Just thinking out loud but all things to consider.


*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Tue, 08 Oct 2013, 23:54
by carnut1100
It's been there for a year.
Parked under cover in the basement spare parts division. I believe it was put away fully charged but hasn't been charged while sitting there.

The dealer assumed it would come with balance of warranty from a start date of 2011 when first registered as a demo. I will check in writing.

It is silver in colour, no wrap or any of that nonsense.
Has the nicer wheels and different looking headlights.

As for fast charge, the dealer seemed to think it had been charged before using the charger the dealership has which is a wall mounted J1772 unit so perhaps being a corporate demo this one had the fast charge option fitted? Would be rad if so....

Dealer thought the kms were around 2500...haven't fired it up to see nor have I checked if it has nav or not.

The go is that when the dealer reminded Mitsu that it still existed they said the dealer could have it for $18k or they were shipping it to Melbourne and auctioning it.
Dealer then said to me $19,500 on road ready to roll, I don't think they are taking a profit on this and if so it will only be a couple of hundred so there really isn't any room to negotiate.

It has the smart key which I heard can lead to increased power does this happen and what can be done to prevent it?

Also I was reading on an American site about being able to use the remote to start the heater running while it is still plugged in.....can the Aussie ones do that? I am aware of several differences between US and Aus spec cars.....

So.....warranty is 5 years on everything but drivetrain and 10 on that?

They have a 2012 demo as well which they are using for promotion as well as a workshop runabout and it is fully wrapped.
They are asking $28k for it and they aren't in a super hurry to sell it.

Anything else I should be asking the dealer before I sign on the dotted line?

Any insurance companies that are especially friendly to EVs?
Shannons quoted me $750.

*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Wed, 09 Oct 2013, 00:21
by offgridQLD
The wall mount J1772 isn't a fast charger check if it has two fuel caps then if it dose open the one on the passenger side and see if there is a plug there or just a blanking plate

$28,000 is at least $3000 to much for the 2012 ex demo model.

Insurance we pay $500 pa for our insurance but it depends on your age, driving history, location and a lot of other factors .So its hard to say.

It's easy to see if it has satnav or not without turning it on. If it has a double din stereo and the main face is a screen then its the satnav stereo. If it just has a normal single or double din cd player with buttons then its not.


*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Wed, 09 Oct 2013, 13:42
by carnut1100
It has the double DIN flat screen so it has satnav.

I will check the fast charge....I assume you're talking here about the chademo?

Today is crunch day I've gotta decide.
99% sure I'm gonna go for it.
My main petrol car is over 30 years old so it qualifies for restricted registration at half price. My other registered petrol car will eventually be sold.
Without paying for fuel the cost to me will be under $50 a week.
I can afford that....

*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Wed, 09 Oct 2013, 14:00
by offgridQLD
The fast charger isn't essential. Its just a nice to have thing if down the track more public fast chargers become available but at the moment there are only a few in AU anyhow and I am not sure if there is any in Tas so no big deal.

Well the sat nav pack was a 2 or 3k option factory and I think now reading of Mitsubishi web page any other paint other than white is a $400 option. So the asking price doesn't seem to bad. Though there is no harm in trying to haggle a little for something Image

I like the mag wheel style of the early model your looking at. The mags on the model I have look like hub caps.

Good luck with it all like others have mentioned you wont regret owning one.

Get a sparky to install a 15A GPO in the garage if you don't already have one. Ask about having it connected to a off peek meter if you have one on your house. I am not sure what the rules are were you are but in QLD you can have one GPO on tariff 33 (usually for pool pumps but I don't have a pool) I pay 15c kwh for tariff 33.You might even have a cheaper way of going about it I know Tas has some funny tariffs and rules, but ask the sparky whats best.

*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Wed, 09 Oct 2013, 14:19
by Johny
carnut1100 wrote: Today is crunch day I've gotta decide.
99% sure I'm gonna go for it.
If you don't buy it you'll have to follow it to Melbourne and track it through the auctions. Image

*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Wed, 09 Oct 2013, 16:34
by acmotor
Aux 12V battery will be totally discharged if i has been under wraps for 12 months. There are loads on it all the time from ABS and ECU (door lock system etc). I'd be asking for a new aux battery (minor item) or just sort that out yourself.

Have you been able to power i up yet ? If it powers up I'd say it hasn't actually been left for 12 months.
The i will appear dead if the 12V aux battery is discharged. It doesn't mean there is a problem with traction battery.

The lithium pack if fully charged has BMU loads only (mAs ?) if ignition is off so 16kWh should have held them up for 12 months easy since lithium self discharge is only a few % per month. The i may need a jump start or the 12V aux battery replaced. As i say, minor issue really.

Just buy it, it has warranty !

edit: the 12V aux battery is an old technology lead acid battery (40Ah?)under the 'bonnet'.

*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Thu, 10 Oct 2013, 00:47
by carnut1100
12v battery is dead they are including a new one.
Also getting a service before I get it.
Pretty sure I don't get off peak we have a reduced tariff for hot water though.
Getting 5kW solar installed in a ccouple of months (aurora normally gets 600 applications a year...when a cutoff date for the 1:1 feed in was announced with a week to go they got 2000 in that processing is taking a while...) and I'm getting gas hot water next year so I should have excess power....
There's also a powerpoint at work a few metres from where I park....

I get balance of warranty (Dec 2016) and roadside assist.
It's got floor mats I'm gonna try and scam a boot mat too...

I like the early wheels.
Only things I don't like are D-Eco-B instead of D-C-B and no lunchbox on the cable I think means no public J1772 chargers...

*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Thu, 10 Oct 2013, 02:38
by offgridQLD
D-Eco-B instead of D-C-B , if the modes all function the same isn't it just a label call it what you will 1-2-3 if you like.

Or are the 3 settings actually programmed different on the old models?

ps, let me know if you get the floor mats on delivery. I was supposed to be getting a set thrown in to (standard give away for car dealers) I rang then up on it and they strung me a line about them being on back order in AU and could take a while.Could be true i guess they are not a hot ticket item.

Or perhaps they are thinking I will forget about it. I will call them once a week if I have to Image


*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Thu, 10 Oct 2013, 04:01
by carnut1100
Eco has reduced throttle response and medium level regeneration between D and B.
I think all the American ones are set up this way.

Mats are already In the car....I spotted them in there and mentioned them to the dealer.

*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Thu, 10 Oct 2013, 04:55
by acmotor
service ? Image whatever.
A 2010 would need a wash, vacuum, top up washer bottle and a brake fluid flush (only 'coz of 24 months time). In 40,000km that's all that has been done to mine.

+ new brake pads and rotors on the front, new spark plugs and leads, engine oil and filter change, air cleaner change, set the valve clearance, adjust mixture and timing, probably replace the oxygen sensors and fuel filter, the timing belt is due too and hazardous waste disposal fee Image

iMiEV Matts are on ebay.... also the facia for NAV system.

*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Thu, 10 Oct 2013, 10:46
by carnut1100
They're doing the whole discharge, Test and charge thing to it. Service due every 12 month's apparently.

*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Thu, 10 Oct 2013, 13:39
by offgridQLD
acmotor wrote:iMiEV Matts are on ebay.... also the facia for NAV system.

Yes they are but if they offered me the factory mats for for free then why not.

I noticed if any one wanted a stereo surround - double din there is a $89 option now from HK before they were all $240 a lot for a bit of plastic.I will most likely pick one up to hack up for my custom installation of a the nexus 7 tablet and keep my factory one aside. All Imievs in AU come with the double din faceplate factory. It's only in the over seas models where a singles din/blanking plate is used on base optioned models.

One thing that 's worth doing on the Imievs is tint the front windows. The rear windows are a very dark tint but the front isn't.(not sure if the 2010 has the rear tint)

Driving home last weekend 1 1/2hr drive in 36C I had the sun on the driver side of the car all the way home. The AC was cold but the side of my face was getting roasted.My daughter was fine in the back with the dark tint. Perhaps even a little strip of tint along the top of the front window would be good to if it could be done well.


*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Thu, 10 Oct 2013, 14:43
by g4qber

Perhaps you could get the dealer to install the j1772 pilot signal upgrade
Then you would be able to charge at the chargepoint aus and ex better place bollards
And if you move to west aus, the elektromotive bollards

Also have access to bosch, circontrol, charge-amps, evseupgrade, open evse, Holden volt

*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Thu, 10 Oct 2013, 17:47
by acmotor
But don't get in a knot over the J1772 pilot on 2010 model, it may/not be modded, Mitsu may not want to do anything about it. You can chase that up aftermarket if actually required. Search in this section of forum for more detail if you have any question.

*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Fri, 11 Oct 2013, 04:59
by carnut1100
Gonna be chasing proper J1772 but no disaster if I can't get it.

Papers all signed and I get it on Monday.

With the nav system, how are map updates done? Do you need a subscription or something?

Is there any easy way to carry a bike?
I currently use a towbar mount bike rack on the Volvo but this don't have a towbar....

Got them to include a boot floor mat which is on order.

The best bit is the dealer thought it had around 2500km on it as a demo...but when they fired it up for the service it had 371 on the clock!

*might* be getting an iMiev.......

Posted: Fri, 11 Oct 2013, 05:51
by acmotor
g4qber is the only one I know who has done map upgrade. It costs ~$160.
online. From Eclipse ... /avn726ea/
done via download and place on SD card to put in NAV for upgrade. My maps are still Q3 2010 the upgrade is to Q3 2012 IIRC.

There is a NAV program upgrade (free) as well (download and burn to CD). I've done that part. Original nav software Dec 8 2009
Eclipse AVN726EA

One guy in the US has fitted a tow bar ... ch&start=0

Yep, not done many km..... until now ! Enjoy ! Image