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i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Fri, 24 Oct 2014, 20:07
by Conklinc
Im going to have to think long and hard about putting in a reversing camera and video screen! Image

i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Fri, 24 Oct 2014, 20:48
by mikedufty
I was planning to try a $30 ebay wireless camera to plug into the eclipse screen, but having failed to get a reversing beeper working am reconsidering now.
The standard accessory reversing camera was $500+

i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Thu, 30 Oct 2014, 13:38
by Greg partridge
So I did my first range test in my 2010 over the past few days. Mostly Ecco a little D mode, a bit with headlights no aircon a little bit of luggage but mostly just myself in the car. Result was 117.2 when I lost my nerve a decided to call it quits and charge up.

i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Thu, 30 Oct 2014, 13:51
by offgridQLD
117km, That's a good result Greg Image

What was the gauge on the dash (battery SOC gauge) showing at the end of that 117km. 1 bar - 2 bars 0 bars? ....turtle?


i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Thu, 30 Oct 2014, 14:28
by Greg partridge
Kurt, no turtle yet and I was on my last bar. I haven't experienced the turtle before, what speed does it limit you to?

i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Thu, 30 Oct 2014, 14:40
by offgridQLD
"I haven't experienced the turtle before, what speed does it limit you to?"

I don't now. I haven't ever hit turtle and it's my aim not to.

So you had one solid bar showing on the gauge. That's not bad for a 2010 I think you still have a healthy battery.

I would say best case for my car 2012 with 14,000km on the clock. Would be about 140km .I did 102 km the other day mixed driving with AC on with 41km RR and 5 bars on the gauge.

I would say on average taking it down to 1 bar would be 120km. I tend not to take the SOC down so low so I call my safe/ healthy for battery range 100km always keeping 20% SOC+.


i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Thu, 30 Oct 2014, 15:37
by g4qber
what speed were you travelling at Greg?
temperature headwind / crosswinds
tyres pumped up to 40PSI?
windows up I presume
stop start traffic?

i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Thu, 30 Oct 2014, 17:21
by Greg partridge
We did have very strong winds yesterday, a few trees down. Tyres haven't been checked and are whatever the dealer put in them. Speed 60-65km/hr. I was also lugging around 25kgs a cable. 10 Kms I had three people in the car. Largely flat terrain

i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Fri, 31 Oct 2014, 22:37
by Greg partridge
I left home with 24 RR on the dash today and watched it fall much faster than the distance travelled. I was in Ecco mode, no aircon driving 50-55km/hr getting very scared as I was heading back. I hit 3RR which turned to 0 in 500meters. Fortunately I was able to crawl into a shopping centre car park and found a PowerPoint to plug into. Last 100metres were on turtle. Does anyone else notice that the last 20km RR evaporates much quicker than the distance traveled.

i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Fri, 31 Oct 2014, 22:57
by offgridQLD
The RR gauge is a guessing meter. I wouldn't try and read into it to much or try and predict anything from it.

Much better to use a OBD scanner and tablet/phone app called Canion. You will get direct reading from the BMS and a % SOC reading. that way you know when your BMS will pull the pin on your battery.

For example I took my car down to turtle mode today (first time on purpose) when the SOC reached 8.5% turtle comes on. 22% SOC is two bars flashing.


i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Sat, 08 Nov 2014, 03:17
by Conklinc
Here's an interesting comment/review by, a general EV blog site in the States, about Mitsubishi, it's i and new PHEV, which, btw, is further delayed in the U.S. until 2016 . . .

Despite making an early commitment to electric cars—and rumors that the entire Mitsubishi brand will revolve around EVs—the company has been relegated to an also-ran, at best. Despite dropping the 2014 price of the compact i-MiEV by more than $6,000, sales have been dismal. This can be attributed to the weakness of the product: 62 miles range, goofy styling, lack of power, and technical problems (one of which led to a recall for dangerous braking failure in 2013). Similarly, the promise of the Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid—which is on sale in Europe, Japan and Australia—the crossover PHEV has been continually delayed. The latest target date is 2016. So, even if the company has a firm belief in EVs, Mitsubishi has not proven able to execute.

end. Very negative statement. I don't think the brake issues were major, and the holdup on the PHEV release in the U.S. is decidedly NOT the fault of Mitsubish.



i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Sat, 08 Nov 2014, 06:25
by acmotor
Many folk rubbish the iMiEV size and look.... I totally agree btw.
But if that was all the problem then the larger and better looking leaf should have been a runaway success in Oz.
Not he case sadly. Though better sales in some other markets.
I guess it still comes back to price and range or perhaps that should be price for range since the range really does satisfy many users.
The proof being the iMiEV sales pickup when the price came down into the 20ks.
Dare we imagine what the market would have been like if the iMiEV had been released at $19,990 drive away !
It is not that the world is not ready for EVs, it is more that the cost of EVs is not ready for the world to consume.

i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Sat, 08 Nov 2014, 12:10
by Conklinc
I'm sure Mitsu would have sold at least a few more i-MiEV's here in Oz if the price had been A$19,000, but hey, that is about U.S.$16,600, and that is about what they're selling for in the States after rebate, and they're still not selling very well.

From what I've heard in the States, the biggest reason why i's aren't selling is the 62 mile range AND the fact that dealers are refusing to sell them. Some refuse to even stock ONE. Reason for that? U.S. dealers make most of their money servicing the cars they sell. Not much to service, I mean, compare the number of MOVING parts in an EV with the number in an ICE car. I've no idea what it is, but I THINK ???   Image it would be less than 1/10 the number?

Heck, several times now we've wondered just what it is that the dealer does to earn the capped service price. Image

I know that where the small town my daughter lives at in California up on the High Desert an hour our of LA, the people marvel at her '14 i and want to ride and drive in it to see what its like. But hey, they do that here too. That doesn't translate into sales though.

Oh, and another thing. Mitsu has been somewhat less than enthusiastic about advertising the thang!   Image


Lanwarrin VIC/Provo UT USA

i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Sat, 08 Nov 2014, 15:55
by offgridQLD
"Heck, several times now we've wondered just what it is that the dealer does to earn the capped service price"

That was my thinking from the start. So I came to the conclusion I would not to bother taking in for the $300 Tyre shine and floor mat vacuum.

There are a few small serviceable items on the car but over a year spending 1hr or so just checking for signs of any visual wear, loose bolts or damage to components (basically a once over in detail) IS really all that's needed . Along with some very miner and long lived fluids that need replacing like under 1lt of ATF fluid every few years for the rear drive unit and brake fluid every few years and tires.

That said for the less mechanical minded having your local mechanic check it out once year isn't a bad idea and Im sure they could follow the service book.

As for how good the Imiev is . Oh they are just rubbish. Nothing but problems. So much has gone wrong and failed on it. The range wont get you anywhere you want to go. You will struggle to keep up with any traffic and it drinks way to much KWH of electricity ...very inefficient. As a package it's useless. You will really regret owning one. If you want to dispose of one let me know.Image

Seriously, The car was overprices when it first came to AU (that said perhaps that's just what it cost to build a EV and sell it for a small profit back then) Looks is personal but on average it is goofy particularly from the rear (some times I wish i could have all the mechanical s dropped into a body that will do them justice) Though you soon get over it's ugly looks and just enjoy driving it.

We could do a lot of things better in Au but for some silly reason we just continue down the path of repeating what we have always done. (think dark colored tiled roofs on homes) When was that a good idea in QLD Image it shouldn't even be a option on the table.

Oh back to range.... last night I drove my 4wd ute up to the hinterland (I couldn't take the Imeiv as I was towing over a ton of fire wood) I found my self thinking a few times over the length of the 105km - 1:30min drive . This is a long trip I'm kind of sick of driving and just want to get there. Then I began to think just how amazing it is that the imiev actually makes it there every week with adequate reserve from just a few batterys strapped to its belly. It's amazing that EV's are as good as they are today you just have to consider what they are really doing and put it into perspective.


i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Sat, 08 Nov 2014, 15:57
by offgridQLD
Edit: Double post.


i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Sat, 08 Nov 2014, 16:48
by acmotor
The US iMiEV was slightly better sized and looking than the Oz version. Why wasn't it sold here ?
You are right, probably wasted on the US. Home of the gas guzzling tank Image
I'm thinking there that the US was one of the less likely markets to adopt the little i ?

I feel it was more a question of timing though.
The iMiEV needed to hit the market in 2010 in Oz (as it did) but sold to the PUBLIC at $19,990, forget the rebates, they weren't going to happen in Oz.
Mitsi needed to use their 2 year head start on Nissan to actually change the market.
The iMiEV needed to be sold at ANY retail outlet not just limited car dealers who, as you say, killed the market.
Hey, pickup an EV from Bunnings on Saturday morning.

I agree with you Kurt, the iMiEV is a marvel really. It is so pleasant to drive.
The lack of gear changes, for instance, is so relaxing. By that I mean that even an auto trans lets the driver know how hard the motor is working and often I flick the tip tropic on the ice so the tryhard auto just leaves things alone.
We can't all get a buzz from pondering the transport by battery pack. I do that all the time so I understand what you are saying.

i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Sun, 09 Nov 2014, 01:36
I like the styling of the Australian/Japanese version Imiev.

The styling also really highlights & makes the car look good with body vinyls. Perfect for business & government for advertisement/messages.
I think the wider American version looks strange.
But I guess the wider American version is suited to "larger" people...

Hang on, Australian's we are now the biggest per capita in the world?

Maybe the wider version would have sold better here :)

If it had a Mercedes badge on it like an "A" class, I wonder if it would have sold better here :) again I prefer the Imiev.

I think it actually won a design award at the time too.

I guess in a modern world of BIG cars, something smaller is always going to stand out & challenge opinions on style/size.

I guess a price thing also as my dads Mini Cooper was a huge success & affordable back in the day & still is to this day & is a lot smaller the I...

BIG is the new norm... even though not needed...

I tend to get very interested & positive looks from motorists. I guess that is largely due to the silence.

Unpractical? Maybe,but at least it was a 5 door car. Could have been a crappy 3 door.

I think perfect for the everyday car & for city's. And with this era being the biggest migration world wide to cities for people, makes more sense. Especially due to people having less time to do or go anywhere.

Car parks/roads are getting tighter & more congested & will continue to do so.
The "kei" class size is perfect for city driving, easy to park & cut through traffic build ups.

Great for taller drivers & elderly for the higher sitting position(getting in/out)

I think in Japan your rego is cheaper for driving this size car as an incentive to reduce pollution & traffic(obliviously they have less space than us too)

Again, how many people are in most cars at one time?(my guess is 1 Monday-Friday) & how far do they drive? (statistics say 45km daily max?)

But people might see the car as their escape? or status?

Most ladies like SUV's due to the height, size & "security" even though any modern station wagon or hatch would cover most of them & still have 5 star safety. Maybe they feel safer in a sea of BIG cars if there in a BIG car.

Some see their car as a sport thing, even though you can really only do 110km legally & we don't have any nice Alps to drive through :)

Maybe some that drive a 4WD, people will think I'm a man or outdoorsy type.
My guess is 80% of 4WD's/SUV's from the city would never see the off road for more than 2 weeks a year (due to most people only having 4 weeks leave a year)

You could hire a 4WD for those 2 weeks, would be cheaper than the running costs of a 4WD.

Good marketing from the car companies/oil & gas, little incentives from the government(worked for gas conversions etc), people stuck in the Suburbia/city/work trap/keeping up with the Jones.

Maybe the Outlander PHEV will change things. Huge success in Europe & Japan being a more practical car. Although not "pure" ev :)

I think a year ago before the battery incident, they already couldn't keep up with demand.

I have seen some advertising on TV for PHEV but never saw any for the Imiev.

Agree, car yards don't want to sell these. Maintenance makes money.

Wonder what state that American article was written from??? wonder if it would have been different if written by someone from California? or if it was an Oil/Gas troll? :)

The brake issue was minor.

They could have made the Imiev really complicated. Instead you have a very basic/practical electric car.

Seems perfect to me. Less things to go wrong.

I'm glad it is Japanese quality as well & not produced by someone like Chrysler :)

i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Sun, 09 Nov 2014, 01:48
Agree with Dark tiled roofs.

How about all new homes being solar passive & all developers/builders having to align to this.

Not exactly hard to do :)

i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Sun, 09 Nov 2014, 01:55
Ideal: 200km range "real world" would have been nice.

2 big trips a day based on my city driving.

100km "real world" a tad too small.

But for the price & what it is, brilliant.

i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Sun, 09 Nov 2014, 07:38
by mikedufty
I think it is a brilliant second car at the $15000 I paid, but hard to justify spending $45,000 on one.
I don't think the renting a 4WD for 2 weeks a year idea works, as the rental ones generally can't be insured for off road use.

i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Sun, 09 Nov 2014, 08:13

Sort of defeats the purpose of hiring a 4WD...

Maybe UBER one   Image

i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Sun, 09 Nov 2014, 16:19
by mikedufty
The general rule seems to be 2WD aren't even covered on gravel. 4WD are covered on gravel roads but not off road. I can understand charging extra for off road insurance but the usual situation is you have to find your own insurance (difficult unless you already have a fleet policy) or be willing to pay for any damage yourself. If anyone knows of a company that does rent 4WD with off road insurance cover I'd be very interested to hear of it (very handy for flora surveys).

i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Sun, 09 Nov 2014, 16:42
by offgridQLD
Kind of of topic but your most likely not covered if your driving your own 4wd in any serious 4wd tracks. Only I would think only public roads would be covered.

For the cost of hiring a 4wd for two weeks ( a quick scan of the net showed 150 - $200 a day + extra KM. 14 days would cost $2500 you could cover the insurance and rego and servicing of your own 4wd for a year at that cost.So if saving money is the point of it all their isn't much in it.
I don't really see the point in hire cars in your own state/country more the thing you do when your over seas or time limited to drive to some remote location in Au (though isn't getting there 1/2 the fun?


i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Sun, 09 Nov 2014, 18:01
True, I wonder if the rego for your own 4WD would cover you for serious offroad?

I guess where I was going with this was running costs of a 4WD, extra rego(normally a bit more expensive for 4WD) & depreciation.
More expensive for fuel if using it for small trips whilst not on the 2 weeks a year trip.
If older, more maintenance costs. With a newer hire one, most things should be mechanically sound.
Hand it back at the end of the trip for someone else to maintain etc.

$2500 would even out with using an EV for the rest of the year due to lower fuel bill & less maintenance.

i-MiEV Range *no discussion*

Posted: Sun, 09 Nov 2014, 20:08
by Conklinc
No, no, youse guys are waaaay off Image Now I happen to have the perfect vehicle combination: "Myi" is for everyday, local driving.   Image

For the occasional longer drive, and around the coast/up the middle of the Outback and gravel roads, I've now got an '89 Toyota pop-top campervan, diesel, 5 speed, AC, with equipped with everything,INCLUDING the kitchen sink. Even seat 4 legally! Image Toyota is nuts for not marketing the HiAce Stateside. They'd sell like hotcakes.

Its the perfect setup, man! er, mates!   Image

The only thing I'm worried about is: down the line, will parts/replacement batteries, etc. be available. They are right now, though for major parts like batteries you'll wait for a slow boat from Japan.