2018 Nissan Leaf!

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Re: 2018 Nissan Leaf!

Post by antiscab » Tue, 12 Mar 2019, 19:41

on the upside, they may do some fierce discounting, like last time
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Re: 2018 Nissan Leaf!

Post by memecode » Tue, 26 Mar 2019, 14:03

dylanpete wrote:
Tue, 12 Mar 2019, 16:31
Nissan will soon be confronted with the Australian market reality when the Tesla Model 3 and Hyundai Kona arrive!
And I will just laugh at them for delaying themselves into irrelevance. They had the product but not the balls.

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Re: 2018 Nissan Leaf!

Post by brunohill » Tue, 26 Mar 2019, 17:33

praxidice wrote:
Thu, 21 Jun 2018, 09:31
I see someone suggesting a RRP of $42,000 ..... my guess given Nissan's original pricing for the original Leaf would be well into the $60,000s and probably nearer $70,000 for the 60kw version. Of more interest to me is the NV2000 which reportedly got 40kw from earlier this year. Whether or not it will get a 60kw battery is another question. Another issue of interest is the fast charging problems reported by British owners, something that may or may not apply to NV2000s thanks to their standard thermal management.
The $42,000 is probably the cost for Nissan to replace your 40kWh battery in 6 years time, since they are quoting $33,500 for the current 24kWh batteries in Australia.

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Re: 2018 Nissan Leaf!

Post by brunohill » Tue, 16 Apr 2019, 19:25

Well looks like it is selling for $54,500- $55,500 (NSW on road). I guess that puts it between the Ionig EV and the Kona EV in both price and battery size. It appears that some sort of announcement has been made that the old LEAF (if bought new in Australia) can get the battery replaced for $9,500 plus labour.

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Re: 2018 Nissan Leaf!

Post by Richo » Wed, 17 Apr 2019, 12:29

Any links about that announcement?
TBH even $9,500 is worth buying one for conversions.
I'm assuming you're referring to the 24kWh packs.
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Re: 2018 Nissan Leaf!

Post by coulomb » Mon, 08 Jul 2019, 11:34

Ultralights wrote:
Fri, 16 Mar 2018, 15:18
2018 Leaf now available in New Zealand, Between $55K and $66K.
? I just checked the Nissan NZ webpage (July 2019), and it's still "is coming to New Zealand", for NZ$60K + ORC (equivalent to AU$57K today).

I was hoping to find out what charge connector the Australian 2018 Leaf will come with, presuming that we'll have the same as New Zealand.

City Nissan in New Zealand are "proud to be offering the new 2018 Leaf", but it's not clear that they have actual stock.

Cockram Nissan say it's "coming soon".
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Re: 2018 Nissan Leaf!

Post by Bryce » Mon, 08 Jul 2019, 11:45

Hi there - comes with Type 2 connector for AC and CHAdeMO for DC.
Have pics of charge ports in one of the Australian Nissan display cars, but can't find a way to attach them here. You can see the ports of a Victorian registered 2018 Leaf here though:
https://thedriven.io/2018/12/10/what-is ... -charging/
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