Nissan Australia Leaf 1.0 battery replacement

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Re: Nissan Australia Leaf 1.0 battery replacement

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coulomb wrote: Mon, 09 May 2022, 06:48 ...Not to LBW, but I think down to 2 bars and extrapolating based on estimated remaining range...
Still a bit strange though... I'm guessing here, you've done roughly ~50km from fully charged to 2 bar remaining (with roughly ~20-ish km left in the GoM)? That's a bit odd indeed (with only losing 1 health bar).

I vaguely remember that I needed to lose roughly 3-health bars to get to that point. At that point, the GoM behaves highly non-linear, i.e. there is still much more range on the lower end.

Do let us know if you manage do another test, preferably to VLBW, i.e. when the dash showing "---" in range. When it hits VLBW, you have roughly 2kWh remains. Since you don't want to exhaust beyond 1kWh remaining, you roughly have 7km range (with 0.14kWh/km) as soon as the VLBW chimes.
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