Non OEM Leaf battery upgrade?

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Re: Non OEM Leaf battery upgrade?

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Return of the LEAF: Robert drives his range extended EV home from Holland

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Re: Non OEM Leaf battery upgrade?

Post by drlizau »

I disagree on never changing the battery in a later model. It isn't far to go anywhere in the UK, so a small range can still be useful, but I would see the benefit from a longer range car battery. For example I don't travel to Hay (145km) in the Leaf, because if caught short I would be needing a trip on truck to get to the charger. Then I would have the same problem getting home. A longer range would be worth the price for another battery. I am interested in the NZ one with 500km range !
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Re: Non OEM Leaf battery upgrade?

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This one could be a game changer even for us Aussies.
I'm going to get in touch with them.
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