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Leaf mechanic

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Hi all does anyone know of a reputable mechanic to work on my LEAF the aircon blower fan needs to be taken out and that involves doing things with the park brake and steering column. The dealers seem to think it is accessible via the glove box but I know that is not the case. All assistance gratefully received for SE Queensland only please.
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Re: Leaf mechanic

Post by coulomb »

Nissan Leaf 2012 with new battery May 2019.
5650 W solar, 2xPIP-4048MS inverters, 16 kWh battery.
1.4 kW solar with 1.2 kW Latronics inverter and FIT.
160 W solar, 2.5 kWh 24 V battery for lights.
Patching PIP-4048/5048 inverter-chargers.
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