Charging Habits Research Program LAUNCHED!

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Charging Habits Research Program LAUNCHED!

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Energy Queensland is looking for EV owners to help with a research program relating to charging habits. I believe this is for Queensland residents only. Please feel free to share.

The Energy Queensland EV Smart Charge QLD
Research Program

As Electric Vehicle owners, we all know that this type of transport is more environmentally friendly, saves us $$ not only when it comes to “fuelling” our transport, but also in terms of maintaining our vehicles.

The Energy Queensland research program is looking for EV owners to help them gather data on our charging habits. You could even earn some $$ helping with this research!

Why is this important? It is important for Energy Queensland to be able to implement change in infrastructure, to continue supporting the growth of EV ownership. And as the uptake of Electric Vehicles inevitably increases, the infrastructure will be ready and available.

What is your next step? Simply follow the appropriate link below for all the details about the program, incentives, and a link to the EOI form and of course the Terms and Conditions.
This is important work, so please do make an effort and help out!

If you are in an Energex area:

If you are in an Ergon area:

May your day be charged!
Simone Pfuhl,
AEVA QLD Treasurer, AEVA National Committee.
Treasurer of the Brisbane AEVA. Meetings are the 3rd Wednesday of the month at the Albion Peace Centre!
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