AEVA Queensland March Meeting

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AEVA Queensland March Meeting

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this months meeting is 7:30pm Wednesday, 15/03/2017 at the Albion Peace Centre, 102 McDonald Rd, Windsor. Free for members arriving in an Electric Vehicle; otherwise $2 for members, $3 for non-members to cover catering costs.

See you there,

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AEVA Queensland March Meeting

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Hi guys,

The guest speaker on Wednesday night comes from Kush Scooters who will be bringing some skooters and other electric vehicles to display.



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AEVA Queensland March Meeting

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as far as i know there illegal in QLD not to mention there marking them up a lot in price there selling them for $1,750.00AU


and so on and on

and if you just want the hub motor

a whopping $96

not trying to start a fight just letting you know

i have been following these "bikes" for going on 4 years now since they where kickstart as a Scrooser and where first put on sale in German
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