July 2012 meeting

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Jeff Owen
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July 2012 meeting

Post by Jeff Owen »

The July 2012 meeting will be held on Wednesday 18th July (tomorrow) at 7:30PM at the Albion Peace Centre.

Member build reports
Open discussion
Tea & Snacks

All welcome, see you there
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July 2012 meeting

Post by localpower »

sorry can't make it this month. instead will be at a rotary club (with LEAF :-) at a 100% renewable energy presentation for BZE. http://beyondzeroemissions.org/
Local Power
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July 2012 meeting

Post by unheardofinstruments »

when is the next one going to be?
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July 2012 meeting

Post by coulomb »

unheardofinstruments wrote: when is the next one going to be?

It's the third Wednesday of the month, so it will be next week, 15th August, which is in fact the Exhibition Day public holiday (Ekka Day).
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