E-glide I-drive

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E-glide I-drive

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Hey there,

Does anybody know of a cheap source for an I-drive 36v 70a controller or equivalent? Are there any decent but cheap ebay options?
It's for a 1000w e-glide skateboard I was given a while back. I came by 6x 36v 10ah packs that were changed as a service routine so have life left in them and want some cheap transport around the place!!

I have the original I-drive but can't get any life out of it, despite it showing no signs of damage or magic smoke being released.

Any tests or advice greatly appreciated!!

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Re: E-glide I-drive

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I think the e-glide skateboards are brushed dc motors (are there 2 or 3 wires going to the motor?), there are plenty of ebay/aliexpress 36v 1000w controllers out there and I think the e-glide used a wired hand throttle(?), which makes it easier as any controller designed for brushed motor electric scooters should work (check the throttle compatiblity, usually 0-5v for scooters). There have been a few of those old boards converted to a more reliable brushless motor (or 2) design, https://www.electric-skateboard.builder ... ss/54196/7.

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