E-board for extreme sports

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E-board for extreme sports

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Hi guys,

My name is George. A friend and I have been working on a electric skateboard project for the past two years, and I thought for some amusement, I would post a pic of the first model here:


This is what happens when you are into extreme sports and then get an engineering degree lol. Yes, we can say it's "green", but that's beside the point.

Instead of just modding a conventional skate/longboard, we decided to take it from scratch. So, here we go:
Full suspension with servo controlled dampening
Independent steering
Remote control dual throttle (front / rear axles)
Best ridden with body armor :)
Top speed (this model) up to ~80km/h, actually only had the guts to ride up to 50km/h

If you are interested, check out and like our FB page (link here). There are more pics, and we hope to upload some performance vids soon.

Any comments / feedback would also be appreciated!
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